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What is the Best Height for a Range Hood?

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Ensuring your range hood has been mounted at the best height is vital to ensure that any bad smells or odors are properly dispensed with. Ideally, a highly experienced professional should install the hood but you can proceed to do it on your own if you possess the needed DIY skills. Choosing a specific height for a range hood is a very delicate and tasking experience. The height is dictated by several factors such as the specific hood that you desire to acquire and the height of the ceiling in your kitchen. This article looks at the best height for a range hood based on different elements that you ought to consider.

  • Cubic Feet Per Minute

The parameter used to measure the power of a range hood is the cubic feet per minute. The height and location of the range hood is very crucial in order to maintain its performance.

Proper Kitchen Range Hood Height is very important

It is therefore very important to consider this factor, as it helps you decide the most appropriate height for the hood. It can be installed farther for potent models and closer for the models that are less powerful. It is good to note that if the hood is placed exceedingly high, it might be a struggle to remove kitchen pollutants.

  • Height of the Cooktop

This is usually ignored, but the best height for a range hood cannot be determined or estimated without paying attention to the height of the cooktop. The measurement of the height from the floor up to the top of the cooktop is very necessary to ensure no one will get hurt or injured by the corners of the hood.

  • The People Using the Hood

This is also always taken into consideration in the determination of the most fitting height for the hood. Some people might prefer it higher and some relatively lower depending on their height. It is wise for you to ensure that the hood will not get in your way or hamper you when cooking.

  • Kitchen Layout

This entails a consideration of the amount of space that you have at your disposal. It informs the height for the range hood. You should therefore consider the same thus making sure that the hood is strategically positioned at the most preferable height while retaining your kitchen cabinets and other kitchen layouts.

What is the Ideal Height for a Range Hood?

Manufacturers include the specific height for the range hood in the instructions that come with it. After the acquisition of the hood, you should proceed and install it around 20’’ to 24’’ inches just above the cooktop. However, if it is being placed above a gas range, the distance should roughly be between 25’’ to 30’’ unless specified differently. You should not install it below the stipulated minimum height, as that is dictated by very many safety tests. You should also not go over and above the upper limit as it might affect the performance of your hood.

The height for the range hood is very important since there are flames present in a cooktop. If the wrong height for the hood is installed thus ending up being too close to the cook top, it could potentially  catch fire thus leading to unforeseen losses. However, if you are using an electric cooktop, there are no flames involved hence, the height and distance could be significantly less.

  • Manual

All the aforementioned are general averages and estimations. Therefore, it is always prudent for you to consult the hood’s manual just to confirm the appropriate height or distance between the hood and the cooktop. This is to ensure that it does not hang too low or too high. Ultimately, this will make sure that it is able to work optimally and at peak efficiency as it was intended by the designers.

If you are looking to install a range hood in your kitchen, one important factor you have to pay attention to is the best height for it. When deciding this, you have to consider several elements such as the cubic feet per minute, the height of the cooktop, and people using the range hood. Considering these things should help you choose the most fitting height for a range hood with confidence. If you are still not yet sure of the range hood to go for, consider proceeding to consult a range hood expert before arriving at a final decision pertaining to your kitchen project. The height for the range hood might appear insignificant but if chosen wrongly, it could have calamitous consequences.

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