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Kitchen Range Hood Ideas & Custom Range Hood Options

Range Hood Ideas and Options Explained!

Do you have great kitchen hood ideas or are you looking for ideas to polish off that perfect kitchen? Would you like to brainstorm ideas with a professional team that has made thousands of Rangehoods for kitchens all over the world? RangeCraft is here for you!

Select from our many existing designs or create your own. Whatever you want and whatever you desire… RangeCraft is where your range hood ideas come to life!

All our Custom Range Hoods are made to order. We do not stock our hoods as every hood is built to fulfill your unique kitchen and your exact taste.

Need help deciding on the perfect range hood shape or color for your kitchen? No problem! We are here to help. Let’s Discuss your ideas!

These are not standard cookie cutter assembly line hoods that are mass-produced and look like any other standard range hoods you find in an appliance store. Most range hoods that are typically installed by a builder or kitchen dealer are mass-produced, sacrificing excellence and performance for economics.

RangeCraft has raised the bar in range hood manufacturing and design. We make each of our hoods, one at a time, with the superior craftsmanship and the highest level of quality that RangeCraft has become so well known for.