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Brass Range Hoods

Incorporate shiny, beautiful brass into your kitchen

Brass has become one of the most popular metals to use in the kitchen. Our range hoods are made with 100% REAL solid brass. We do not use plated metals which often give a “fake” look. We can do Brushed, Non-directional, Antique, and Mirror finish. Combine finishes or use with other metals such as stainless steel for a completely unique look.

Custom Brass Range Hood

Brass is Back on Trend!

In the 20th century, brass fixtures and details were in vogue. In sleek finishes that shine, brass has become a material that looks distinctly right now. Although brass can be seen in spaces ranging from bathrooms to bedrooms, the material looks its best when it’s spotlighted in a kitchen. It pops, even more, when it’s set against all-white or neutral surroundings.

All special antiqued finishes are hand-finished in-house, using a proprietary antiquing process seldom found in the industry. This is true antique applied to authentic raw materials. You will receive a unique hand finish – no two are the same.

Brass is the new silver

Have you ever considered brass for your kitchen range hood? If you are looking for a combination of unique and cozy, brass is the most elegant way to achieve this. Since solid brass is so desirable, base metals are often treated to look like genuine brass, but they won’t give you the same quality. Plated items which are often made from steel or pure zinc, are thin and will break down over time. Our range hoods are made with 100% REAL solid brass. Again, we do not use plated metals which often give a “fake” look. Redefine your kitchen today with a solid brass kitchen range hood today!

Discover the Advantages of Choosing a Brass Range Hood for Your Kitchen

Exceptional Durability: Solid brass offers unmatched longevity and resistance to corrosion.
Easy Maintenance: Smooth surfaces make cleaning effortless, maintaining a polished appearance.
Timeless Elegance: Brass adds a timeless and elegant touch to your kitchen.
Distinctive Aesthetic: Create a standout focal point with a unique and warm aesthetic.
Customization: Tailor your range hood with different finishes to match your kitchen decor.
Long-Term Investment: Choosing solid brass is an investment in lasting quality and increased home value.

The Demand for Traditional vs. Contemporary

What type of style complements brass?

New Jersey homeowners would be happy to know that brass works with any kind of style. Farmhouse-style kitchens are popular right now and these types of kitchens often call for curvy, polished brass. Retro kitchens reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s are also popular and in these kitchens, hardware generally features more straight lines. Another popular look for kitchens is the contemporary look – anything from mid-century modern to industrial kitchens. In these kitchens, you’ll find more muted satin brass hardware, usually in sleek shapes to accent the boxy cabinetry.

Whether you’re wanting to transform your kitchen into a dreamy traditional look, into a modern marvel, or whether you want to incorporate dark cabinetry or light, a luxurious look is often sought after for a kitchen redesign and brass does just that! That need for luxury is why some of the other hardware trends, like chrome, matte black or bronze, are starting to give way to brass. Hints of warm metals throughout the kitchen, no matter the color or style of the kitchen, give the space an elegant and classic feeling. This look is the kind of feeling that designers are working hard to capture right now.

A Cozy and Inviting Kitchen Scheme

Brass kitchen hoods create a timeless atmosphere that’s inviting and cozy. Replacing silver with brass will bring a vibrant feel to your home. This mixture of contemporary and traditional styles showcases the warmth and basically begs you to cook for your family and friends. You’ll be dying to host the holidays in your new kitchen!

Be sure the color scheme of the rest of your area blends with your new brass kitchen hood. With brass in your kitchen, you can get creative with the color scheme of the rest of the area. Colors commonly paired with brass kitchen hoods are black, white, or cream but don’t be afraid to get innovative. There are plenty of colors compatible with brass.

Durability and Cleanliness

Did you know that brass is germicidal? Germicidal surfaces have alloys that destroy harmful microorganisms and bacteria. This means brass naturally kills off germs, maintaining its original condition. Bacteria can survive on stainless steel surfaces for weeks, but for just a few hours on brass. It’s an excellent option to help keep your kitchen clean and safe. Speaking of which, brass is so easy to clean. All it takes is a wipe-down with disinfectant and you’re done.

Amongst all metal fittings, brass is unique as it enjoys one of the highest resistances to corrosion. Steam from your stovetop will inevitably float up to your range hood but the resistant properties of brass, along with cleaning, will keep your hood looking new for years to come. Additionally, brass surfaces do not rust and since corrosion and rust are the two main agents that cause wear and tear, brass is undoubtedly the best metal surface for your home’s kitchen hood.

Transform your kitchen into a haven of opulence with our custom brass range hoods. Crafted with unrivaled expertise, these exquisite pieces transcend functionality, becoming awe-inspiring focal points that redefine elegance.

At RangeCraft Manufacturing, we turn dreams into reality, crafting brass kitchen hoods that embody splendor and craftsmanship. Redefine luxury in your kitchen – embrace the artistry of custom brass and let your culinary sanctuary shine.

No matter what type of metal you want to outfit your kitchen range hood with, Rangecraft has the expertise and supplies you need to transform your kitchen. We are well-known throughout the New Jersey area for our fantastic kitchen range hood applications and unbeatable knowledge.

Immerse yourself in the allure of handcrafted brass, meticulously shaped to your specifications, breathing life into your culinary space. Our Custom Brass Range Hoods blend seamlessly with diverse design styles, be it classic sophistication or contemporary chic.

Imagine the timeless radiance of brass, evolving gracefully over time, each patina telling a story of culinary creativity and cherished gatherings. Elevate your kitchen with a touch of grandeur, where every meal becomes an experience and every moment a celebration.

From under-the-cabinet brass range hoods to island brass range hoods, wall-mounted brass range hoods to commercial brass range hoods, you’ll find the one that meets your needs and budget.

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