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What is a Sone and How Does It Affect the Quality of a Range Hood?

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A sone is a unit used to measure loudness especially that of a range hood kitchen ventilation fan. Sone rating is very important, as it helps homeowners know the kind of range hood they should get. Many individuals go for a range hood that is not very loud because it allows them to have the peace of mind while maintaining a healthy kitchen. This article gives information regarding the importance of a sone when evaluating the quality of a range hood.

What Is a Sone?

As aforementioned, a sone is a unit of measuring loudness, which is a subjective attribute of sound. One sone is usually equal to the loudness of 1,000 Hz with a sound level of 40 decibels above the normal reference level. A sound with a loudness of more than four sones is usually regarded to be four times louder than the normal reference level.

Why Sone Levels Matter

Sone levels are important because they enable you to make a proper decision when purchasing your range hood. Many homeowners look at other factors such as power but forget to check the loudness of the range hood they would like to purchase. This is a huge mistake because when you have a hood with an extremely loud extractor fan, you will be tempted not to turn it on. This minimizes the point of having a range hood in the first place. When looking for a range hood, you should consider one between 1-3 sones.

Other Factors that Affect the Quietness of a Range Hood

Apart from sone, you need to consider other elements when looking for a quality range hood to purchase. This part of the article looks at other factors that affect the quietness of a range hood.

  • The Type of Installation

The way your range hood is installed does affect its level of quietness. Before you buy a range hood, you need to check the kind of installation required and its compatibility with your kitchen. Some common installation types include island, under cabinet, and wall mount. Installing these range hoods offers different results in terms of noise. Therefore, it is important to have your hood installed by experts, so they can advise you on the best range hood to get.

  • The CFM

CFM means cubic feet per second and it shows the amount of air that can move through the system. The CFM of a range hood shows the rate at which the hood can circulate air or remove it outside the system. Therefore, the higher the CFM of a range hood, the more air is moved through the system. CFM levels almost go together with noise levels. This is due to the fact that more power makes the range hood to produce more sound when in operation.

  • Filters

Range hoods come with filters that help filter the air. These filters come in different materials and designs. In addition to this, every filter is unique in its own way, and will hence have different noise levels.

  • Size

The larger your range hood, the more the sound it is likely to produce. Therefore, if you plan to get a huge range hood, you should check on its sones level to ensure it is within your desired level. When buying a range hood, you need to be very careful about its size because it highly de[ends on the available kitchen space.

  • Extra Features

The addition of extra features to your range hood could make it more powerful, causing it to produce more sound when turned on. A range hood can come with extra features such as LED lights, sensors, automatic shut off, and timer. All these are meant to improve your kitchen experience. Selecting a good and quiet range hood is not all about the sones levels but also other settings like low and high settings used to control the fan.

A sone is meant to measure sound. In this context, a sone is used as a unit of measurement to measure the sound a range hood produces. Having a comprehension of this measurement is important because it helps you, as a homeowner, to make an informed decision when purchasing a range hood. You do not want to buy a range hood only to not use it because it is too loud. If you are looking for a quiet range hood, be sure to reach out to professionals, as they possess the needed experience to help you make a wise decision.