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What Material Makes the Best Custom Sink?

When choosing the best material for your kitchen sink, you have to put into consideration several factors so that you can make an informed decision. This is because you may choose the material because it is the best in one perspective, only to find out that it is the worst when you consider another factor. For this reason, you have to consider several factors such as durability of the material, ease of installation, maintenance of the material, its aesthetic appeal as well as its ease of cleaning. Having done that, you will make a choice that you will forever be happy with. This article looks at the best materials for a custom sink.

  • Stainless Steel

This is the most popular sink material for most homeowners because of its wide range of benefits. To begin with, stainless steel is relatively cheaper, compared to other materials available in the market. It is very sleek and looks more appealing, if well maintained. It is also very durable and can give you years of service and still look as great as new. However, it requires lots of caution when handling it since it can still scratch if cleaned with hard water, bleach, and other corrosive chemicals. It is also prone to scratch if cutlery is thrown into the sink.

  • Acrylic Sink

Acrylic is one of the cheapest and popular sink materials among many homeowners. This is because it is made from the mix of resin, plastics, and fiberglass, which are recycled materials that make it cheap and readily available. It comes in a wide range of designs, sizes, shapes and colors so that you can choose one that resonates with your unique taste and preferences. There are those designs and colors that even mimic natural stone, marble, and granite. You can even go straight to the factory and have your custom acrylic made in the artistic design of your choice. It is water, scratch and heat resistant, and this means that it can last for so long if taken good care of.

  • Copper Sink

If budget is not your main concern and you want to have a sink that looks expensive and elegant, then copper is your best choice. Copper is extremely beautiful and no material beats it when it comes to aesthetic appeal. It will take a couple of decades for copper to show any sign of aging. This is because it is scratch, water and heat resistant, something that prolongs its lifespan. To top it all, copper has antimicrobial properties and this makes it serve you for long, without it being eroded by bacteria. The only concern with copper is that it is very expensive.

  • Solid Sink

Solid non-porous material is made of resin and some minerals. The best thing about solid sink material is that it is non-porous, hence cannot be damaged by water and cannot rot due to bacteria. It is also very cheap since its raw materials are readily available as natural resources. It is scratch, heat and water-resistant, and this ensures it lasts for ages, without the need for maintenance. The only drawback with a solid sink is that it must be applied with a hard sealant to prevent fading. It also requires you to install a strong base to withstand the weight of the heavy solid material. This means that although the material is cheap, the upfront cost may be a little more.

  • Stone Sinks

This is another durable option for sink material since it does not scratch or etch. It is also designed to withstand water and heat. Stone sinks come in a mixture of marble, granite, and composite, that are classy and elegant. Although these are natural resource materials, the stone sink is not cheap, most probably because marble and granite are considered among the precious stones. The best thing about stone sinks is that they will stand the test of time and do not need maintenance going forward. Similar to the solid material, stone will require you to install a strong base to carry the weight of the heavy stone. This might cost you more with the upfront cost but it will make your cost worthwhile in the future.

The above-explained materials are all good for building a custom sink. The answer to the question of which material is the best for your kitchen sink lies in your unique taste and preference and what you wish your kitchen to look like. However, it is still good to choose a material that is not common so that your kitchen stands out from that of other people, while still serving your needs.