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Range Hoods

Custom Designed Range Hoods in Copper, Brass & Stainless Steel

Rangecraft specializes in high quality, custom designed hoods but also offers a variety of classical designs for you to choose from. RangeCraft Hoods are Custom Designed Range Hoods in Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel and Decorator colors. Models and are available in wall-mounted or ceiling (island) mounted versions. Our popular copper range hoods offer “Timeless Design” for an “Old World” look.

Form and Function are incorporated in all of our hoods. Select from our many existing designs or create your own innovative design.

RangeCraft Custom Range Hoods are not standard cookie cutter assembly line hoods that are mass produced and look much like any other standard range hoods you find in an appliance Store. Traditional range hoods typically installed by a builder or kitchen dealer are mass produced, sacrificing excellence and performance for economics.

RangeCraft has raised the bar in range hood manufacturing and design. At RangeCraft, we make each of our hoods, one at a time, with the superior craftsmanship and the highest level of quality that RangeCraft has become so well known for.

Your Hood… Your Way! You have so many kitchen range hood options and no limitations!

Recessed Bands, Seamless Corners, “Old World Rivets”, Decorative Buttons, Custom Pot Rails and Hooks are just a few of the many options you can add to “Dress Up” your hood. Again, the choice is yours. You can also powder coat your hood to match over 200 colors in the RAL Color Chart.
  • All models incorporate our super quiet internal fan or for use with a remote fan.
  • Select 600 CFM or 1200 CFM interior blowers mounted in the hood.
  • Patented “MICRO” baffle filters and halogen lights are standard.
  • On/Off light switches are standard.
  • Dimmers or variable switches are available at an additional cost.

Range Hoods Selection

Copper Range Hoods
Copper range hoods are majestic and have a look and feel that is timeless. Copper is a deep beautiful color that will enhance and enrich almost any kitchen design or decor. All of our copper hoods are customized to your finish and style requirements.
Brass Range Hoods
Brass range hoods are very popular due to its beauty and stunning appearance. It is basically an alloy consisting of copper and zinc. The zinc has varying degrees which will alter the color based on the percentage used. Brass is often used due to its resemblance to gold, but it can vary in color from red to yellow. It is a very durable and strong metal.
Stainless Steel Range Hoods
Stainless steel hoods are in demand due to their durability, flexibility, and will never rust or corrode. It needs very little maintenance and it can match almost any kitchen design style.

Powder Coated Range Hoods
Powder coating is the manufacturing process of developing a thick layer of paint over various metal surfaces. A specific colored powder is baked onto the surface when heat is applied. The finished product is beautiful, elegant and provides a very strong protected surface.

Blackened Steel Range Hoods
Many clients would like a steel hood, but want a dark brown to black look. Our blackened steel hoods are a perfect solution. Our proprietary process of darkening the steel to your exact specifications will make your kitchen one-of-a-kind.

Blue Mirror Stainless Steel
Since the introduction of the unique metal we have fabricated multiple range hoods while also producing signs and backsplashes. Rangecraft has an exclusive relationship with a supplier that produces this for us.
Custom Range Hoods
Our uniquely designed Custom Hoods are classified in a category unto themselves. An innovative variety of shapes, sizes, materials and finishes!
Stock Metal Range Hoods
RangeCraft is now offering stock hoods! 36″ Canterbury’s and Pro-Line’s Now available in Brushed Stainless Steel with Non Directional Stainless Steel Bands OR Non Directional Stainless Steel w/ Brushed Stainless Steel Bands.
Outdoor Range Hoods
Range Hoods can be designed for any outdoor living area, but are best suited for use in partially enclosed outdoor rooms, patios, porches and pergolas. These quality weather resistant range hoods offer a new level of design for your outdoor kitchen.
Clearance Range Hoods
Many of our hoods are purchased and customized but for many reasons, (i.e. design changes, supplier issues, etc) are not used and remain in our warehouse. While rare, these occurrences provide opportunities to purchase pre-made hoods at a discount.