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Blackened Steel Range Hood Gallery

Want to elevate your kitchen’s ambiance with the striking allure of a custom Blackened Steel Range Hood? Crafted with precision and passion, these masterpieces fuse artistry and functionality to create a captivating centerpiece you simply cannot get anywhere else.  We invite you to look closely at the details of our craftsmanship.  This metal is simply breathtaking!

Blackened steel is a unique finish that imbues steel with a dark, matte black appearance. It is achieved through controlled oxidation or chemical treatment and adds depth and drama to surfaces, making it a striking choice for contemporary designs, exuding both elegance and modernity.

Our Blackened Steel Range Hoods are more than just kitchen elements – they are visual statements that command attention. Our Hoods showcase the beauty of bold contrasts and clean lines, as this amazing metal seamlessly harmonizes with diverse kitchen styles, from industrial chic to contemporary elegance. At RangeCraft Manufacturing, we create Blackened Steel Range Hoods that redefine kitchen elegance, transcending the ordinary and adding an extraordinary touch to your culinary sanctuary. Below is a peek into our factory window of a cross-section of the multitude of Custom Blackened Kitchen Hoods we have made right here using All American labor and craftsmanship.  Prior to shipping, we took some photos before they were shipped and in private homes.  Enjoy!