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Swarovski®Kitchen Hoods

Things You Need To Know About Swarovski® crystals

There’s nothing quite like bling, and when it comes to crystals, there’s no doubt the most popular crystals in the world are Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski crystals originate from Austria, where the first electric cutting machine was invented in 1892 by Daniel Swarovski. The machine used hydro-electricity along with minerals like sand and quartz, to beautifully cut high-quality lead glass crystals which produced crystal glass. By melting silicon oxide powders with lead, he formed glass at high temperatures. This method created the rainbow-like appearance you expect from Swarovski crystals today.

The proportion of each of these compounds has remained a secret, and it is this unique mixture that creates the world’s most sought-after crystals. The Swarovski crystals company is run by fifth generation family members and has more than 30,000 employees globally.

Little did he know at the time, Daniel Swarovski would revolutionize the world of jewelry with a unique design that would still be highly sought-after 130 years later.

What makes Swarovski crystals so special?

It’s important to know that Swarovski crystals are not a gemstone. In fact, they aren’t a crystal either. They are actually glass. However, the process of making this glass is so unique, it (along with polishing) provides a diamond-like effect – which is why these crystals are as popular as diamonds themselves.

Swarovski crystals are unique; they are first simulated in 3D on a computer, optimized and converted before being cut by a machine. The task is complicated and proprietary, which is why there is such high demand for these crystals around the world.

Today, you can buy Swarovski crystals in a range of forms, including large and small sculptures, jewelry, rhinestones, home décor, and chandeliers. Their small animal figurines are some of the most popular collectibles.

Fake vs Real

These luxury products and their unique styling comes high demand. Along with high demand, comes an opportunity for people to create and sell fake products. There are several ways you can tell whether your Swarovski crystals are real.

Swarovski crystals are known to be the highest quality machine-cut crystals in the world. They are created with a special compound that is impossible to copy. When trying to tell whether your crystals are fake or real, it all comes down to precision.
The simplest way to tell is that with Swarovski crystals, you’ll find every facet of the crystal (every diamond-shape) points up and meets at a single joint. Fake Swarovski crystals do not meet perfectly at the joint.

Swarovski crystals are also exactly the same. Because these crystals are machine cut, they are all the same size and shape. Fake beads will have different dimensions.

When it comes to looks, real Swarovski crystals will not have any marks or scratches on them. Often when buying crystals they have marks on them that look like they have been scratched by a pinhead, or have something that looks like oil stains. They may also have bubbles inside the crystals. Again, this is proof they are not real. Swarovski crystals are flawless, every time.

The coloring and shine are important. If you have a range of different crystals, place your Swarovski crystals next to the pile. If they outshine the rest of your crystals, the chance of them being real is much higher.

Finally, look carefully at the sides of the crystal – if you can see a laser engraved trapezoid-shaped logo on the crystal, it’s real. This logo is going to be tiny, so look closely. If your crystals are real, it will be there. An important note here is that if you’re buying Bordeaux or Emerald Swarovski crystals, you won’t see the logo regardless.

How to care for your Swarovski crystals

If you want to ensure the longevity of your Swarovski crystals, taking care of them is imperative. They are not only expensive, but they are also defined as the highest quality lead glass crystals in the world – and you won’t find anything like them anywhere else. They have a Mohs hardness of around 6-7. This means that while they are harder than glass, they can still be susceptible to scratches and chipping.

If you want your crystals to stand the test of time to hand them down through the generations, keep them away from water, chemicals or harsh treatment. If you wear them as jewelry, remove them before you swim or before putting moisturizer or makeup on. And when the time comes to clean them, mild soap, water and a soft cloth is the best way to bring the shine back.

Guaranteeing Quality Swarovski crystals

There’s only one way you can guarantee the Swarovski crystals you are buying are 100% real and 100% quality, and that’s buying from a reputable Swarovski distributor. You will often find Swarovski stores in your local shopping mall, or if you’re buying online, you might like to buy direct from the Swarovski website itself. If you decide to buy from another online source, check that they are reputable distributors to ensure you don’t waste your money.

Swarovski crystals can be used on the range hoods, and often give your kitchen a luxurious and expensive look that completes your vision. Range Craft is able to make your dreams come true with any ideas that you have in mind using the Swarovski crystals. Our ideas and design expertise is endless, and we will be happy to make your dream hood a reality!

If you want to know more about Swarovski crystals, get in touch with our professional team today.