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Why RangeCraft?

With all the choices of range hoods on the market, why choose a RangeCraft Range Hood?

A top quality range hood is an essential part of a well-designed high-end kitchen because it will help to protect your cabinetry, flooring, countertops and appliances. RangeCraft Range Hoods are truly a functional work of design art. The Jewel of the Kitchen, it also removes unwanted cooking smoke and vapors quickly and quietly. (RangeCraft offers super quiet internal fans that are less noisy than a quiet refrigerator.) Many customers choose a RangeCraft Hood first and then design their cabinetry and accessories around the hood as the focal point.

Walking down an aisle in any appliance showroom, most range hoods on the wall look all the same…how boring! RangeCraft Range Hoods are not standard cookie cutter assembly line hoods that are mass produced and look much like any other standard range hoods. Traditional range hoods typically installed by a builder are mass produced, sacrificing excellence and performance for economics. RangeCraft has raised the bar in range hood manufacturing and design. At RangeCraft, we make each of our hoods, one at a time, with the superior craftsmanship and the highest level of quality that RangeCraft has become so well known for.

Coat of Arms Design
by Ramona Panus

At RangeCraft, we specialize in individual orders, either standard designs or custom made to your design ideas. Popular choices among homeowners are copper, brass and stainless steel. Custom variations of these metals can be combined to complement any kitchen design.

RangeCraft Range Hoods are custom made with powerful quiet fans, high quality halogen bulbs for the brightest lighting, exquisite finishing detail and great attention on packing for delivery to you or your contractor!