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Coat of Arms Crest

The only company in US making coat of arms on range hoods.

Coat of Arms designed by Ramona Panus

Reach a new level of pride in your home with chimney personalization! By adding your Coat of Arms Crest to your chimney and dressing up your home with a copper chimney pot our customization makes a distinctive home even more impressive!

RangeCraft’s chimney pot is made with copper and adds additional curb appeal to any home. Copper chimney pots are both functional and decorative. They extend the height of a chimney to improve a fireplace’s draft, and let the exhaust out while keeping birds and other animals from entering the chimney.

Copper chimney pots are made by our master coppersmiths whose work combines artistic vision with exacting craftsmanship. Copper chimney pots can be made to any dimensions or even created in new custom designs. If you can dream it, our copper craftsmen can make it!