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Copper Hoods

A RangeCraft copper hood is an excellent range hood choice for the kitchen as copper is naturally anti-bacterial and RangeCraft coats the copper in a protective lacquer, making for a even healthier environment.

Kotler Model in Antique Copper with Hammered Copper Trim

Range hoods come in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, plastic, and glass. You can also get copper range hoods, which have been increasing in popularity in recent years. If you’re considering copper, here are seven of the benefits and why this option is beneficial to you, and your home.

Benefits Of A Copper Rangehood

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, so you want it to be running at optimal performance. If you love cooking, one of the ways to improve your kitchen is with a high-quality range hood. Your range hood allows you to enjoy a kitchen that’s free from smoke, odors, fumes, and grease – in other words, it rids your kitchen of any pollutants that can harm your health.

Choosing the right range hood, however, presents its own problems – you want it to be beneficial to your kitchen, but you also want it to look good, right?

Copper Range Hoods Benefits Explained

One of RangeCraft’s biggest “Stars of the KBIS Show” was our Copper Submarine Hood.

People were amazed at the Craftsmanship of this hood that was hand formed with “Old World Coppersmith Techniques” displaying standing seams, riveted panels with a beautifully antiqued hammered copper finish. This hood is an example of Craftsmanship that only a handful of companies in the US can achieve.

All special antiqued finishes are hand finished in house. Using a proprietary antiquing process, seldom found in the industry. This is true antique applied to authentic raw materials. You will receive a unique hand finish – no two are the same.

Ramona Panus, w/our Copper Submarine Hood

Why Choose Copper?

There are many benefits to copper range hoods, including the following:

It’s Durable

Copper is known for its durability. It is a strong material that also has a high resistance to stains, scratches, and dents. This means it will look better, for longer. If you do end up with damage of some sort, the good thing about copper is that minor scratches actually disappear over time. As for major damage, you can actually get it refinished and you’ll never notice the difference. This will help to restore it back to its original glory – and keep your kitchen looking great.

It’s Beautiful

Many of us can be quite particular about the look of our kitchen. A copper range hood looks great, so you’re going to give your kitchen a sense of old-style charm. The best thing about copper is that you can get it in a number of different tones as well, so essentially you can choose a color that will complement your kitchen. This includes tones such as burnished orange. It’s not just colors that are enhanced with copper; you can also get these range hoods in a variety of sizes, designs and shapes. Your only limit is your imagination. A great looking copper rangehood can also increase the value of your home if you’re planning on selling.

Plenty of Variety

There’s plenty of design options to choose from with copper range hoods and RangeCraft is happy to walk you through all of them. You can buy ones that can be easily mounted to your walls, suspended from the ceiling, or mounted underneath your cabinets. Some have a stainless steel chimney attached, others have a glass hood. Whatever the design of your home’s interior, you can find a copper range hood to suit.


They’re durable, they look great – and copper range hoods are also built to last. Not only will they last, but they will actually get more beautiful over time. Copper changes color the older it gets, and this provides your kitchen with a unique, antique look. As such, it will never go out of fashion. Some manufacturers are so confident in the quality, they offer a lifetime guarantee.

Easy to Clean

Your kitchen is a heavy-duty area, especially if you love cooking. But with all the sauce splashes, meat grease, flying oil, and so on, your rangehood can get pretty dirty. As such, you need a range hood that is easy to clean. Copper is pretty effortless – all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. If it gets really bad, you can use vinegar and water and your rangehood should be sparkling again in no time.


They might look like they belong in a fairy tale castle, but copper range hoods are actually very affordable. Do your research and shop around to find a style that suits your budget. And keep in mind that copper is designed to last for many years so considering their longevity, the return on investment is extremely high. They don’t need frequent repairs, and you’ll (likely) never have to replace it as long as it’s maintained.


Finally, copper range hoods are good for your health! How so? Every time you cook under a copper range hood, you are reducing the risk of toxins getting into your home, including carbon monoxide which is released into the air of your home when you cook. Copper is also naturally antibacterial, so it also reduces the amount of bacteria in your kitchen and your meals. It reduces the amount of dirt as well.

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