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Yes, Quiet Range Hoods Do Exist

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Apart from adding to the value of a property, improving the quality of life, and maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen, range hoods serve the primary purpose of cleaning the hot fumes produced when cooking. Among the many factors considered when buying a range for your kitchen range hood is the level of noise it produces. You do not a range hood that is so noisy such that you cannot even have a conversation in the kitchen area. The market has many options for those looking for quiet range hoods. This article looks at the different factors you want to consider when purchasing a quiet range hood.

  • Low CFM Rating

The strength of a range hood is determined by the speed at which it cleans hot fumes produced while cooking. This speed is measured in units called CFM, cubic feet per minute. The rule of thumb is that you require 1 CFM rating per square footage. It, therefore, means that the strength of your range hood should be proportional to the square footage of your kitchen. A very powerful range hood will be a little noisy for a smaller kitchen because the blower will supply noise to a smaller surface area, compared to a bigger kitchen.

Powerful range hoods are best suitable for larger kitchens where a little noise is acceptable for example in restaurant kitchens. This being the case, be sure to choose a smaller range hood but remember to pay attention to the size of your kitchen because a weak one will not be effective in cleaning the fumes.

  • Small Range Hood

The bigger a range hood is the stronger the blower and in turn the noisy it is. This is because smaller range hoods come with a smaller and less powerful blower, thus minimizing the noise production. However, as you go for smaller range hoods, you have to take into account the square footage of your kitchen, as well as the size of the cooktop. A range hood smaller than the size of the cooktop is useless since it does not clean all the smoke.

  • Regular Maintenance

It is important to note that even the quietest range hood can become noisy if not well maintained. This is because a faulty range hood will always be noisy as it tries to clean hot fumes under unusual circumstances. One of the many ways to maintain your range hood is using it the right way, as prescribed in the user manual. In addition, it is wise to have the performance of the range hood checked occasionally.

  • Often Cleaned

The blower of a range hood is fitted with filters that trap grease and smoke particles produced while cooking. When a range hood goes for so long without being cleaned, sometimes the filters in the blower may be clogged with grease and this renders the range hood ineffective. As a result, the blower is forced to run at a very high speed to compensate for the lost strength. To prevent this scenario, normalize cleaning the filters regularly or even replacing the already worn-out ones. Better still, ensure you buy HEPA enabled filters, as they can suck up even the tiniest smoke particles as well as bacteria. At the same time, clean the whole hood because grease accumulation could affect other parts. To clean the filters effectively, soak them in warm water mixed with dishwashing detergent then rinse and dry before putting them back in the range hood.

When noise is your main concern when choosing a range hood for your kitchen, you have to have a very strong sense of patience. Quiet range hoods come with a huge disappointment; they have a lower CFM rating and are thus slower. This means that you will have to wait for quite some time for all the hot fumes to disappear from your cooktop area after heavy-duty cooking like deep-frying. On the positive side, quiet range hoods come with a wide range of benefits. They come at lower market prices and this is something to look out for when operating under a constrained budget. They also consume less electrical power and this means more savings for you. They are smaller and lighter and this makes installation quite bliss, especially when going the DIY route. Quieter range hoods come in many designs and shapes so that you can choose one for your unique style. Most importantly, be sure to pay attention to the aforementioned points before and after buying your range hood for the best possible experience.