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Copper Hood Vs Brass Hood?

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The purpose of a range hood is to extract smoke, steam, heat, grease, and odors from the kitchen. You may also be familiar with terms such as exhaust or oven hood. They evacuate these things by transporting them from the kitchen to the outdoors via an air duct.

There are all different styles, materials, and builds available in terms of kitchen hoods, and each one is designed according to its purpose or aesthetic preference. From the common discreet range hoods of the 1950s to the wildly popular chimney hoods, they perform an essential service by improving the indoor air quality while completing the look of your kitchen.

Do you need a range hood? The answer is more than likely yes. It isn’t just a case of reducing cooking odors from the home, which is a big benefit, it also prevents oil and grease from settling on kitchen surfaces as improves air quality, which is key for anyone who suffers from respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma. It can also reduce excess heat, thus ensuring the room maintains a comfortable temperature.

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The only question now is, is a copper hood the right choice for you? Or, should you go with brass?

The Copper Hood

The Visual

This natural material is stunning and a copper range hood adds a touch of warmth as well as elegance. It’s timeless while being modern, which means it will work in a variety of kitchen spaces.

The Versatility

As copper works with a variety of materials, it means it’s an incredibly versatile option. A copper range hood will look stunning, whether you’re installing it alongside stainless steel, wood, or even granite.

The Aging

Due to the patina effect, copper ages beautifully. It’s due to this process that copper changes color naturally over time, thus making every piece unique. It grows in beauty as time passes and you can watch it evolve as you use your kitchen.

The Durability

While it’s a metal, it’s more than just metal. It’s strong, stain-resistant, hearty enough to avoid dents and scratches from normal use, and will maintain its look for years to come. It’s also self-healing, in that if a scratch does occur it will mask itself over time. The best part is you don’t have to do anything to make that happen.

The Cleaning

Copper is so easy to clean, and it will require minimal effort on your part. As it’s so durable, all you’ll need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth. Just don’t forget to dry it as well to ensure consistent cleanliness. Moreover, copper is anti-bacterial so its smooth surface naturally rejects the build-up of dirt and grime from building up.


If you have plans to sell your home in the next five years, then a copper hood will contribute to increasing your resale value.

The Brass Hood


Brass is a unique option and often, too much metal can make a kitchen seem cold or clinical. However, brass adds warmth.


Bacteria can survive on stainless steel surfaces for weeks, but for just four hours on brass. It’s an excellent option to help keep your kitchen clean and safe. Speaking of, brass is so easy to clean. All it takes is a wipe down with disinfectant and you’re done.


Brass is incredibly easy to work with, which means custom creations are much easier to produce using brass. This also contributes to its lower cost as it’s much easier to fabricate.

The Affordability

Of the two options, a brass range hood is a more affordable option. However, as noted above, copper is likely to provide you with a greater return on investment if you have plans to sell up in the next few years.

Summing Up

It isn’t just the material that’s up for conversation, don’t forget there is a wide range of styles available too. Whether you’re interested in the sleek Pro-Line, the modern Marlow, a classic coat of arms, or even a custom creation to perfectly finish your kitchen. You might be surprised at just how much room to customize there is in terms of range hoods, whether you opt for copper or brass.

Ultimately, the question is which aesthetic you prefer, as well as whether you have plans to sell soon and are looking to increase your resale value. Both copper and brass will make for a stunning range hood material, but it all comes down to your style and budget.