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What Are the Hottest Trends in 2020 Kitchen Design

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The kitchen can be referred to as the heart of the home because it is where you prepare meals, have a good time with family, and host your guests.

Due to these reasons, your kitchen should have a fantastic look and feel to it. With new and innovative designs popping up every day, it might be hard for you to keep up. However, this article is going to make things easy for you by showing you the hottest trends in 2020 kitchen design.

  • Handle-Less Kitchen Cabinets

The new kitchen designs are all about ensuring a free-flowing kitchen design that offers plenty of multitasking. Technology has made this possible by introducing new features such as push-open and close cabinet doors, meaning that handles are no longer needed for cabinets.

Luxurious kitchen with stainless steel appliances
However, if push-open cupboards are not for you, then recessed handles offer a similar stunning look. They can be lined with contrasting materials and colors for extra interest. In short, if you are looking for a simple but streamlined look, then consider handle-less cabinets.

  • Smart Kitchen

Technology is advancing in a great way and has now moved into the kitchen. You can now install some fancy appliances and gadgets into your kitchen to give it a stunning look and feel. In fact, you can have your kitchen integrated into almost all appliance functions. Smart kitchens are evolving into all kinds of design. In fact, you can have your kitchen built smart from the ground. If you have an older kitchen, you can have smart gadgets like sensors added to improve convenience.

  • Ladder Storage

Also referred to as pantry cupboards, larder storage is a must-have for anyone that cares about having enough storage in the kitchen. A ladder cupboard makes a lot of sense because your items will not be scattered all over the kitchen. Instead, you can organize everything in here, leading to a clean and tidy kitchen space. With this, you will be able to free up space in your kitchen, where you can add a piece of art to give your kitchen more life.

  • Ceramic Flooring

Hardwood flooring is quite common but one new trend that homeowners are adopting is ceramic flooring. Ceramic comes in a wide array of styles, sizes, and designs, meaning you have a lot to choose from. You can even get ceramic flooring that looks like hardwood.

  • A Gold Finish

Gold has the potential to add an incredible look and feel to your kitchen when done right. Kitchen fixtures such as taps and sinks are now available in a wide array of colors and finishes including gold. Getting such fixtures and even appliances like range hoods with a gold finish can go a long way in improving the overall look of your kitchen.

  • Kitchen Wallpaper

Although wallpaper has been quite common nowadays, people are still a bit scared to have one in their kitchens. If you are not sure how a wallpaper would look in your kitchen, it is better to try something less permanent. The market has many peel-and-stick wallpapers that you can easily install and remove when need be.

  • Open Shelving

Having open shelving in your kitchen gives you the opportunity to highlight beautiful kitchenware, antiques, and other heirlooms. The advantage of having open shelving is that things will be easy to find. Just ensure that every day items are stored on the lowest but most accessible shelf. You should also clean your items regularly, as they will be open to the elements in your kitchen.

  • Concealed Range Hood

If you are looking to give more attention to your appliances, accessories, or backsplash, this new trend is worth considering. You can install a concealed range hood and allow your other kitchen elements to steal the show.

  • Gravity Defying Kitchen Islands

If you are in search of a way to achieve a clean and open space in your kitchen, gravity defying islands are the best option to consider. With this unique design, your kitchen will have more space, ensuring that it looks clean and tidy.

The kitchen can be described as the workhorse of the house. Therefore, it should be designed in a way that allows for multiple functions. Although following trends can be quite overwhelming, you have to make sure that your kitchen looks fantastic. This article has showed you some top kitchen design styles that you should consider. If you are still not sure about the design to go for, consider reaching out to a professional for assistance on the same.