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Blackened Steel & Gunmetal

Wall Mounted High Riser Curvette In Blacken Steel With Stainless Steel Accents Range Hood

Blackened Steel, a Trendy Color for Kitchen Range Hoods

Blackened Steel continues to be a popular color trend at RangeCraft. This unique color brings out the range hood as a strong “Focal Point” in your kitchen! Our Blackened Steel finishes have become quite popular among designers. We offer shades from light to dark to harmonize your kitchen decor.

All special antiqued finishes are hand-finished in-house. Using a proprietary antiquing process, is seldom found in the industry. This is true antique applied to authentic raw materials. You will receive a unique hand finish – no two are the same.

Wall Mounted Maimi In Blacken Steel With Brush Stainless Steel Accents Range Hood

Wall Mounted Custom Range Hood In Blacken Steel and Light Blacken Steel Accents Range Hood

Wall Mounted Revival Range Hood in Blacken Steel With Mirror Stainless Steel Accents

Quilted Wall Mounted Range Hood In Blacken Steel With Mirror Brass Trim

Wall Mounted Maimi In Non-Directional Stainless Steel With Antique Copper Accents Range Hood

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