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Custom Range Hoods & Decorative Kitchen Hoods

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When exploring range hoods, there are two main options to sample; custom and decorative range hoods.

Going by the hint from the name, custom hoods are those that are made fully from the specifications of the homeowners.

While decorative hoods incorporate some bits of customization, these are mainly made to enhance visual appeal rather than customization.

We are aware; making your mind around these great options can sometimes prove to be a daunting task.

If you are among those people who do not know what to pick between the two, this discussion is for you.

We can design the range hood of your dreams

This article explores the distinctive aspects that set these two hood types apart so that you can easily make a sound pick for your unique culinary activities. 

Customization Level

Going by the name alone, you probably have an idea of what customized hoods entail. You guessed right; these encompass full customization from the design concept to the final product. It also implies that the homeowner has full control over their ventilation equipment. They get to decide on the design, style, material, and other aesthetic and functionality features to be incorporated into their masterpiece. With decorative hoods, the customer has limited control of the design, style and material of the equipment. However, they may still have some say over functionality controls such as noise reduction and remote control features. 

Cost Considerations

Custom hoods consume lots of lead time due to the intensive process of incorporating the unique design, style, aesthetics and functionality features. The design and style may also involve the use of expensive custom materials such as reclaimed wood, all of which work by increasing the initial costs. The increased initial cost can be accounted for by the intensive attention to detail that is invested in the equipment, notwithstanding the intricate installation required to put the equipment into place. Decorative hoods are pre-designed from an array of designs and styles. The reduced lead time works by reducing the initial costs associated with this range hood type. 

Functionality Features

Coming down to functionality features; custom hoods reign a little over decorative hoods. Among the functionality features that you can expect to find in a custom hood include things such as ambient lighting, remote control, noise reduction as well as adjustable ventilation features. Your choice of functionality features will be advised by your kitchen design and style, and culinary practices. All decorative hoods come with ambient lighting for aesthetics while other functionality features such as adjustable ventilation and noise reduction features may come as a bonus in the very expensive equipment. 

Design Variety

Decorative hoods feature an extensive variety of ready designs, which are advised by the culinary activities of each homeowner. These designs include wall mount hoods, islands, under cabinets and hood inserts. With custom hoods, the homeowner is solely responsible for coming up with their unique design and style. 

Fit and Integration

Given the complete personalization of custom hoods, the equipment is easily fit and integrated into the current kitchen design. This is from the fact that during manufacturing, the current design and style of kitchens play a critical role in the making of custom hoods. As a result, the hood blends perfectly with the current countertops, floor, cabinetry and wall design. Decorative hoods on the opposite end, do not easily blend with the current kitchen layout. Homeowners have limited to very little control over the equipment design. This means that they have to make some adjustments in order to perfectly fit and integrate the equipment with the current layout. 

Lead Time

Given the immense attention to detail and features, the manufacture of custom hoods may take a little longer compared to that of decorative hoods. This is because a lot of care is needed to bring the unique desires and specifications of different homeowners to life, hence the lengthy process of manufacturing custom hoods. With readily available designs and styles, the process of making decorative hoods is quite simple and straightforward. Even though some extra time may be invested into some desired features such as ambient lighting or enhanced ventilation power settings, decorative hoods take much less lead time to construct. The reduced lead time also goes on to explain the reduced initial cost associated with the equipment.  

The two range hood types offer functionality through smoke extraction. Since they serve a similar primary purpose, the little difference comes in when the issues of design, style, and aesthetics are considered. Whichever your pick is between these two, sit down and carefully evaluate the level of your culinary activities, current kitchen layout, budget size, and the functionality you would want your kitchen to be.