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What is the Best Countertop for Your Money?

When you are considering giving your home a new improved look, it can sometimes be quite challenging due to the large amounts of money involved. However, there are places you cannot afford to overlook because when they are in bad shape, the whole house looks messy. These places are the kitchen and bathroom countertops. If money is your major obstacle in doing this, this article is going to show you the best countertops you can install without having to break the bank for the project.

  • Ceramic Tile

This has been the most popular countertop material for most homeowners but has lost its spot over the years. However, it is still has a place in the hearts of many homeowners, most probably because of its wide range of benefits. It is made of sand and cement, which are readily available as natural resources. This makes it the cheapest material for a countertop. It is also very durable, if well maintained. The good thing about ceramic tile is that it is available in versatile designs, shapes, and colors and you can choose one that mimics natural stone and marble. The main drawback of ceramic tile is that it has grouts that you have to keep repairing. Nevertheless, installation is simple and easy, costing you around $30-$50 per square footage.

  • Quartz

Contrary to what many people think that quartz is an expensive countertop material, the truth is that it is not as expensive as it sounds. This is because this material is an engineered stone that contains approximately 93% of quartz minerals. Quartz is very durable and can give you years of service without any need for maintenance and repairs. You do not need to apply a sealant layer on the surface since it is by itself resistant to scratch, heat, stains, and water. Installing a quartz countertop will cost you between $40 and $100 per square footage. The only drawback with quartz is that you have to hire a contractor to install the countertop, which is not much of an issue since you will not spend on maintenance. This makes it the most popular countertop among homeowners.

  • Laminate

Commonly known as Formica, this material is an assortment of plastics, fiberglass, wood, and paper, and this makes the material so cheap. Laminate comes in a wide range of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. It even comes in designs that resemble natural stone and marble, something that makes it very popular among many homeowners. Laminate has a sealant layer that is resistant to water, heat, and scratch. It comes as one large piece of sheet hence you do not have to deal with the issue of seams. Laminate is easy and simple to install through DIY, and cleaning is by just a single wipe using a soft cloth and detergent.

  • Granite

Granite comes in large slabs of natural stone, making it relatively cheap for use in countertops. It has infinite durability since it does not change due to scratch, water and heat. Granite is a good choice if you want an earthy and classic look in your kitchen, making it so popular among homeowners. It does not require any form of maintenance whatsoever, meaning it is a great option when working on a budget.

  • Concrete

Concrete is your best choice for countertop if you want an earthy classic look in your kitchen. The best thing about concrete is that installation is easy and you can do it by yourself, especially when installing the cabinetry. It is very durable and will give you an infinite service since it is resistant to water, heat, scratch, and stains. However, for you to install a concrete countertop, you will need to have a strong base in place, for it to support the heavyweight of the concrete. On the flip side, it will require you to apply a hard sealant layer from time to time, to prevent it from scratching. You will shell out between $65 and $135 for one square footage of concrete installation.

Before you decide what material is best for your countertop when you are working on a budget, you have to consider both the upfront cost as well as maintenance and repairs costs, going into the future. This is because you might decide to install a countertop with a cheaper upfront cost, only for you to spend so much with maintenance and repairs. That being said, the cheapest countertop for your money is one that comes at a cheaper price and requires little or no maintenance in the future.