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What is the Average Cost of Installing a Range Hood?

Range hoods serve a primary purpose; cleaning up the gases produced by cooking over the stove. Installing a range hood will cost you a couple of bucks but the wide range of benefits that come with it will make your investment worthwhile. The cost of installing a range hood mainly depends on the type of the range hood, its exhaust system and the features that it comes with. This article looks at different types of range hoods, the cost of installing them, and the elements that contribute to that amount.

  • Under Cabinet Range Hood

Under-cabinet range hoods are installed below the cabinetry, with the duct passing either through the cabinets and escaping into the wall, or behind the cabinets and escaping into the wall, all the way out of the house. The average cost of installing an under cabinet range hood is between $200 and $500. This type of range hood is the cheapest to install since it does not involve a lot of work during installation because the cabinetry is already in place, hence you just mount it onto the cabinet. An under cabinet range hood is most suitable for kitchens with limited space. To make the best use of the limited space in your kitchen and you want a vented under cabinet range hood, make the duct pass behind the cabinetry and not through it.

  • Wall Mount Range Hood

A wall mount range hood costs almost the same as an under cabinet range hood; simply because the process of installation is almost similar. The cost of installing this type of range hood is between $200 and $500, for a ductless wall mount range hood. Similar to an under cabinet range hood, a wall mount range hood does not involve much. You just use a nail gun to put the range hood into place by use of a wall mount. Installation price for a wall mount range hood with a duct may go a little up because the duct must be inserted into the wall and disappear outside the house. A wall mount range hood too is designed for kitchens with a limited amount of space.

  • Island Range Hood

Just like the name suggests, this type of range hood looks like an island on top of the stove and hanging in the ceiling. On average, Installation cost of an island range hood goes lies between $300 and $900. The reason for this amount of cost is mainly because of the size and features that need to be embedded into the range hood; and not about the installation process. Installation is easy, as you only need to mount it onto the ceiling using a wall mount, just like with a wall mount range hood. Since the island range hood is high up in the ceiling, it comes with a much more powerful blower to suck in hot gases from the cooking on the stove. It has to be large to maximize the amount of gases it sucks in from the stovetop. All this makes an island range hood a little more expensive than the wall mount hood, even though the process of installation is almost the same.

  • Cabinet Insert Range Hood

Going by its name, this type of range hood has its view hidden into the inside of the cabinetry. Due to its complicated process of installation, this range hood comes close to being the most expensive range hood available in the market. The average installation cost of a cabinet insert range hood lies between $400 and $1000. Contrary to what most people may think, a cabinet insert range hood is still suitable for a kitchen with limited space since the little space left in the cabinetry is still useful, only that you cannot compare the space available when an under cabinet range hood is installed.

It is no doubt that the average cost of installing even the cheapest range hood will leave you a couple of bucks less but the benefits that come with having one will outweigh this cost. It is good to note that the prices in the discussion above may vary, from one company to another, and state to another. You can only be sure of the costs if you called a contractor to make a quotation for you. To enjoy huge discounts, it is always advisable to bid out the work to many contractors since they will be forced to lower their prices to win the bid.