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Do You Really Need a Range Hood Over Your Cooking Stove?

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Kitchen range hoods are designed to collect cooking odors, moisture, and airborne grease. However, not all hoods are created the same since they have different mechanisms for purifying the air in the kitchen. It makes cleaning easier by eliminating contaminated air from its primary source, which is the cooking stove. Although many designs of kitchen range hoods channel unhealthy smoke and unpleasant odor to the outside, some models work by recirculating the air to the kitchen using filters and powerful fans.

There are residential building codes that do not require a range hood above a cooking stove. However, you should think about the functionality of your kitchen before you forgo a range hood. This article looks at reasons why you should have a range hood and why it is an essential component of a modern kitchen.

  • Improves Air Quality

One of the primary benefits of installing a range hood above your cooking stove is that it eliminates gasses and pollutants in your kitchen that are potentially toxic. This reduces the presence of germs, bacteria or mold which can cause other secondary problems. It filters out hazardous air pollutants that come because of cooking. The blower inside the range hood creates suction that extracts the polluted air from the kitchen into the range hood. In ductless models, filters capture the airborne grease particles before the purified air is circulated back to the house. For ducted hoods, the polluted air is channeled outside the house, which adds more functionality to your kitchen.

  • Removes Excess Heat and Moisture

A range hood helps to remove excess heat originating from your cooking stove and steam from the food being prepared. It makes it slightly comfortable for you so that you can focus on your cooking. Just like how it eliminates airborne toxins and unhealthy smoke, a range hood helps to remove excess heat that keeps your kitchen somewhat cooler. This means that you will save more money on your heating and cooling systems since the kitchen will be slightly cooler than usual. Although it may not help cool your kitchen like an air conditioner would, it helps eliminate some of the heat created when preparing your food.

  • Additional Lighting

The interior of a range hood is designed with optimal lighting for illuminating your cooking area. However, the lighting feature may vary depending on the type of range hood selected. You can always explore your options to find one that suits your needs. High-end designer range hood models offer a wide array of lighting effects for practical applications and aesthetics. Generally, the light in your hood allows you to cook your food properly and prevent it from burning. The light can also be used for cleaning purposes as it enables you to see all the dirt and grease that accumulates in crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Adds Beauty to Your Kitchen

Once installed, the range hood becomes part of your overall kitchen design. The elegant surface of a kitchen hood enhances the attractiveness of the room. A myriad of styles and custom designs exist to choose from when buying a range hood, which makes it easier to find one that fits perfectly in your kitchen. You can either choose to have your hood stand out as the central showpiece or have it blended into the original layout of the kitchen.

  • It Improves Your Lifestyle

The most enjoyable benefit of a range hood is that it helps create a clean and comfortable space to prepare meals and serve food. It allows you to be creative with your style of cooking as well as try out various recipes. One of the primary reasons why most people do not like trying out recipes is because of the mixed odors of spices and other ingredients that fill the kitchen once you are done with cooking. With a kitchen range hood, you do not have to worry about unpleasant odors that may arise afterward because it is eliminated within a short time. It also safeguards your health by extracting polluted or toxic air from your kitchen.

There is no doubt that a kitchen range hood can improve the functionality and aesthetics in your kitchen. It is an important asset to your home as you enjoy the benefits of a cleaner kitchen, improved air quality, and creativity with your favorite recipes. Since range hoods come in many varieties, it is important to explore different options to find one that works best for you.