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Top 5 Range Hood Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Kitchen range hoods may be different in terms of design, size, shape and features but if they are well maintained and cleaned regularly, they can last you for quite a good number of years, regardless of the make and brand. Range hoods do not require much in terms of maintenance, especially if they are ductless. The bigger part of their maintenance entails thorough and proper cleaning and you can rest assured they will give you longer service. This article looks at some of the many tips of maintaining a range hood.

  1. Troubleshoot the Problems

This is the process of checking if everything in the range hood is functioning properly, as it should. You can do this by switching it on and off. For instance, if the range hood is emitting too much noise, then something is wrong. This could be a problem with the fan in the blower, which could mean that it could be blocked by excess grease.  Switch the lights on and off and if they are not working, then you know a problem exists. If the smoke from your cooking is not being cleaned properly, then it is time to call or check the manual for DIY repairs. If for example the blower is set on the highest fan speed, then it is likely that it could be having too much grease on its surface and this means it is the high time you cleaned it.

  1. Preventive Measures

Prevention is better than healing, so does the old saying go. Similarly, you should not always focus on the healing part and forget the preventive part; there are several ways of ensuring the issues that may damage the range hood do not occur. First, ensure that you read and understand the operation manual so that you are aware of the dos and don’ts. Second, ensure that you regularly clean the vent and the filter to avoid being clogged by the grease, which could affect its performance. Third, avoid setting the vent in the highest speed for long since this might cause overheating in the motor and destroy it. Last, ensure the wellbeing of the range hood by cleaning it with the right cleaning agents on a regular basis.

  1. Clean the Vent

The vent is the hollow duct that leads hot gases out of the house, in the case of a ducted range hood. It should be checked regularly for grease build up since if this happens in excess, it may make it harder for the fan motor to blow. You can first scrub off the grease then clean the vent using a degreaser and a hard piece of cloth. In addition, you should also check the motor. Remove the grease that may have formed on the bearings or on its surface. If it is still functioning, then you are good. However, if it is not, then it is time to replace it.

  1. Clean the Air Filter

If the air filters have excessive amounts of grease on their surfaces, they may block the hot gases from your cooking or cause the fan motor to blow at very high speeds and finally break down due to overheating. To avoid this, you should remove the filters, scrub off the excess grease and then dip them in a basin full of degreaser, then thoroughly wash them with warm soap water and put them to dry completely before taking them back. Putting them back without completely drying off may cause humidity in the fan and cause grease to attach on the filters.

  1. Clean the Whole Range Hood

Having cleaned all the inner components, you should never forget the outer surfaces of the range hood. Remember that they, too, can be tainted by the hot gases and finally grease and soot may form due to the smoke. To avoid this, use some soft cloth and a degreaser or a household cleaning squirt. This does not only prevents grease and soot forming, but it also leaves it sparkling and shiny clean, thus giving a good look, just like it were new again.

It does not matter how much worth your range hood is. It does not matter what design, size, shape and number of features it comes with. Without proper maintenance, it will not last you for long. The foundation of its maintenance is proper cleaning, most of which you can do by yourself. As for fixing the lighting or replacing the fan motor, you should contact the range hood company for help.