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Do You Need a Range Hood for Induction Cooking?

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Induction cooking entails the use of electric current passed through coils of copper to create an electromagnetic force. This force, in turn, heats the cooking pots directly, instead of heating an element, which is the case with other types of cookers. For most people who use induction cooktops, the main concern is whether they need a range hood. However, just like with other cooktops, they do need a range hood over their induction cooktop. That being the case, this article looks at reasons why you need a range hood for induction cooking.

  • It Cuts Down Energy Costs

Some people might argue that because they use induction cooktops, they do not need range hoods. What such people may not know is that they need range hoods just as much as anyone does. This is because a range hood will help cool off the superheated air produced by the cooktop. This will reduce the many times you would have turned on the air conditioner in the kitchen area. Reduced air conditioning translates to reduced costs in energy bills, money that you would not have saved if you did not have a range hood.

  • It Helps Cool Off the Air

Induction cooktops produce super-heated electric currents that in turn heat the bottom of the pots. The hot gases produced in the process are so irritating that you can hardly stay in the kitchen area for as long as you would love to. Worse case still, the hot gases from the electromagnetic current plus the ones produced by the cooking pot are a risk to your health since you can easily suffocate. The kitchen area can be a little uncomfortable even if the air conditioner is turned on, and this explains why you need extra ventilation provided by a range hood.

  • It Removes Odors From Your Cooking

Having an induction cooktop in your kitchen does not mean that you are at bay with awful smells that stick behind after cooking. The smells are so uncomfortable that you can even shy away from hosting friends. On top of it all, the odors will deter you from having the fun you and your family deserve in the kitchen area. The worst-case scenario is the risk the odors pose on your loved ones’ health. To save yourself from a smelly kitchen, install a range hood to blow over the induction cooktop and the inconveniences of smells of previous cooking will end.

  • Brings in Aesthetic Beauty

Apart from the primary purpose of adding some extra ventilation to your kitchen, an induction cooktop user also needs a range hood to add aesthetic beauty to your home. Your home will not just meet the standard kitchen codes; it will even look elegant and classy, something that will reward you handsomely when it comes to reselling the property. A potential homebuyer will go for a house whose kitchen has a range hood. Besides, they will be more than willing to buy your property at your asking price.

  • Helps Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Someone might be tempted to think that because an induction cooktop heats the pots directly, it cannot grease the pots. The truth is that it does stain the pots just as other cooktops. This is evident especially during times of heavy-duty cooking like frying and barbecuing. The massive smoke produced turns into grease after the cooktop has cooled off. Grease not only looks unsightly but it also affects several appliances in the kitchen, starting with the cooktop itself. This is proof enough of why you need a range hood to suck the smoke and prevent buildup of grease. Doing this will enable you to achieve a clean kitchen area.

As seen, a range hood is important for induction cooking because it cuts down energy costs, helps cool off the air, eliminates odors from your cooking, and enables you to achieve a clean kitchen. Having seen these benefits, it now time to ask yourself which range hood works best for you. To answer this question, you have to put into consideration several factors like the size of your cooktop, the layout of your kitchen, how often you cook, your budget size, and most importantly what style you want. This is because range hoods come in all manner of designs, types, and sizes so that you can choose one that satisfies your desires. For the best look and feel, go for a range hood with high CFM rates and smart features like remote control and operational memory and wait to see how much your life will change.