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What is an Under Cabinet Range Hood and How Does It Work?

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A range hood is a versatile fixture in the kitchen that gets rid of heat, smoke, combustion products and airborne grease that may arise when cooking or trying out different recipes. Range hoods come in a wide variety of styles and designs to help you determine what suits your needs or works best for your kitchen. Under cabinet range hoods are one of the most common types of vents installed in modern kitchens. They are installed under the bottom of a wall cabinet with ductwork hidden inside an adjoining wall, soffit, chase, or ceiling. This article gives an in-depth view of under-cabinet range hoods by looking at their distinctive features, the way they work, and their benefits.

Distinctive Features of Under Cabinet Range Hoods

As the name suggests, under-cabinet range hoods are often installed below a kitchen cabinet. The primary purpose of this type of range hood is to ventilate your kitchen by expelling smoke, steam, heat, and unpleasant smells that result from frequent cooking or food preparation. Some of the important things you need to consider when installing under cabinet range hoods are the height of your cabinets and the width and depth of the hood. When your range hood is very low, then you are likely to lose more headspace as it will be closer to the steam and heat.

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Installing it too high can also reduce its efficiency in getting rid of airborne grease, smoke, and combustion products from your cooking area. You might consider looking for a deeper range hood as it delivers higher CFMs. The recommended width for ideal ventilation is a space of 2 to 3 inches on either side of your range hood. It is important to clean the filter periodically since too much grease or airborne particles that accumulate over time can reduce the efficiency of your range hood.

How Does an Under Cabinet Range Hood Work?

Under-cabinet range hoods can be either ducted or ductless. Ducted range hoods vent air to the outside of your home while ductless hoods filter the contaminated air before circulating it back into your kitchen. Installing under-cabinet range hoods is easy if you already have the required cabinetry and ductwork in place. However, it may require the extensive knowledge and experience of a professional when installing a ducted under-cabinet range hood, as they need to configure the vent from your kitchen to the exterior of your home.

Different under-cabinet range hood models may work differently based on their level of efficiency and mode of operation. For typical kitchens, an under-cabinet hood usually extends about halfway across the stove to vent smoke and steam away from the cabinet doors to the suction end of the hood. Although this design may steal your cabinet space, it works best for those who cannot achieve the recommended clearance between the hood and stove using a standard under-cabinet hood design. Sleek models allow you to slide out a shallow hood from the upper kitchen cabinet when you need to use it. This makes it easier to access your upper cabinets without any obstacles when the range hood is not in use.

Generally, under-cabinet range hoods have powerful fans that trap and absorb grease to prevent combustion products from building up on your cabinets or kitchen appliances. It is also important to consider the fan speed and loudness when purchasing a range hood as it determines its efficiency and level of comfort when in use.

Benefits of Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

  • Promotes Good Ventilation in Your Kitchen

Cooking on the stove releases impurities into the air including airborne grease, combustion products, smoke, and heat. All these contaminants can have a significant impact on your health including other family members who are exposed to the airborne toxins. An under-cabinet range hood promotes good ventilation by expelling unwanted material released into the air when preparing food.

  • Gives a Nice Look to Your Kitchen

An under-cabinet range hood makes it easier to clean your cabinets and kitchen appliances as it traps all the smoke and airborne particles when cooking food. They also come in a wide variety of styles and designs so you can always choose one that fits perfectly in your kitchen décor. However, stainless steel one of the most popular range hood materials that are aesthetically pleasing and highly durable.

Under cabinet range hoods not only get rid of airborne grease and combustion products from your cooking area but also promote cleanliness in your kitchen. It is very important to clean and maintain your range hood regularly as it improves its efficiency in eliminating heat and contaminated air from your kitchen.