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Does a Custom Hood Increase the Value Of A Kitchen?

The value of a house increases the more amenities, functionality, and personality it has. If you do some research into more expensive homes, you’ll find that there is a stark difference between them and regular homes. Most of the time, it has to do with how unique and interesting the house looks rather than how many expensive electronic items have been added inside.

People value personality and elegance more than straight-up grandeur (such as gold-plated everything). So, if you want to increase the value of your home, you’ll have to build up each room in the house to an acceptable level.

A kitchen is a place that people spend a lot of time in. Especially these days when the kitchen can also become the dining room or living room, more time is being spent inside the kitchen. This makes it one of the prime places to increase value in a unique and cost-effective way.

Kitchen and dining room interior in new luxury home

How Can You Increase The Value Of A Kitchen?

You don’t have to spend lavishly to increase the value. Instead, you can take smaller steps to spruce up some areas to give it the impression of being a lot more luxurious. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Repainting the whole kitchen – The interior says a lot about the value of a property. An extravagant/polished design is going to garner more attention than something that is plain. Repainting to match the rest of the house or to stand out can increase the value of the kitchen.
  2. Replace the countertop – For a long time, the countertop has surprisingly been able to create a luxurious feel when you enter the room. A simple granite, the laminated countertop can work wonders to increase the value.
  3. Adding a custom range hood – A range hood is a great addition to any kitchen for both practical and aesthetic purposes. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can buy ready-made or get it custom built. To increase the value of the kitchen, a custom hood would be the better choice as you have full control over the design.

Can A Custom Hood Really Increase The Value Of A Kitchen?

There are many options you can take to increase the kitchen’s value, but most of them will not stand out as much as a new and unique custom hood would. Taking into account its size and location in the kitchen, it usually tends to be the first thing our eyes are drawn to when we enter the kitchen.

If you have a regular steel range hood, people will look at it but only at a glance, similar to how someone would look past a clothes cupboard in a bedroom. However, a lit-up bookshelf will grab their attention in the same way an elegant range hood would in the kitchen!

Of course, it is not just the looks that matter. The range hood’s utility will also play a part in determining the value. So, what exactly does a range hood help within the kitchen?

  • Sets up a healthy cooking environment

The main purpose of a range hood is to filter out all the pollutants in the air and usher in fresh air to breathe. It will suck out all the smoke, heat, and oil residue, thereby increasing the air quality.

  • It protects the other equipment and surfaces

Without a range hood, the pollutants will have nowhere to go and will settle on the appliances and surfaces around them. This means that there will be grease and oil build-up, staining white surfaces and making it much harder to clean up after cooking. A range hood will make it much easier to clean and your appliances won’t deteriorate quickly.

A custom range allows you to add your own personality and style to the place as well. This makes the space unique, and with the right design work, the value of the kitchen will also undoubtedly increase.

Final Thoughts

To increase the value of the kitchen, you can start out with one of the biggest sections of it – the range hood and then work from there. If you decide on the colors and material for the custom hood, then you can match the rest of the kitchen around this design to get a unique, completed look.

In the end, a completed kitchen will have a higher value than one that looks half-finished or incomplete.