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5 Best Practices to Keep the Range Hood Clean

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America’s range hood market was estimated to be worth a good $4.45 Billion USD in 2020 and while kitchen range hoods are more popular today than ever before, people aren’t always taking care of them. Whether they simply don’t realize they should, or they are too lazy – by not looking after your range hood you’re putting your health, home and finances at risk!

Investing a range hood can help you fight off smoke, oil, foul smells, and pollutants that degrade indoor air quality. It also helps to keep the quality of air inside your kitchen in check. It’s one device you need to consider placing in your kitchen. However, also remember that you need to clean the range hood in your kitchen on a regular basis. Otherwise, it can stop functioning correctly in the long run – which means it won’t work effectively and you’ll end up having to buy a new one!

To ensure that your range hood remains in good condition for a long period, you should follow these five tips:

1.  Check If the Range Hood in Your Kitchen Is Working Properly

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A range hood can begin to show indications of progressive wear and tear after a period of time. These indicators might assist you in determining whether or not your range hood is operating properly. Your range hood’s efficiency may deteriorate with time as a result of the accumulation of grease or as a result of continual use.

Take these warning indicators seriously and do not ignore them. If you don’t pay attention to them, the range hood may begin to malfunction. An obstruction in the duct of the range hood may be the cause of your range hood’s failure to effectively ventilate your kitchen when the smoke is present.

Alternatively, it could be that the fan or motor is malfunctioning. If the range hood’s motor is generating an abnormally loud noise, it may be necessary to clean or replace it completely. Doing so on time can help to increase the durability of the product.

It is also possible to experience issues with lights or buttons. When you see these indicators, you should take action as quickly as possible to have the repairs and maintenance completed on your vehicle.

2.  Keep The Air Filter Clean

Range hoods come with air filters which helps in removing smoke, dust particles, and so on from the air before expelling it outdoors. These air filters are of two kinds: metal filters and charcoal filters. If your range hood comes with a metal filter, you need to take it out of the range hood and immerse it in a solution meant for removing grease.

Once all the grease is removed, wash it with a warm solution of water and soap. The filter should be completely immersed in the solution. On the other hand, if your range hood comes with a charcoal filter, you will have to get it replaced on a yearly basis.

3.  Clean The Body of The Range Hood Regularly

Turn off the range hood and your stovetop before you attempt to clean the body of your range hood. For cleaning the body of the range hood, you can use a mild cleaner or a degreasing agent. However, use non-abrasive cleaners. Also, never use the cleaning agent for cleaning any electrical component.

4.  Clean The Vent of Your Range Hood

Always check the vent regularly. The vent might get clogged by grease with time. If this grease is not removed, the range hood may stop working. This may also cause a fire to break out. It’s why you should clean the vent on a regular basis.

5.  Replace The Motor When Necessary

The motors are usually durable and do not always need thorough maintenance. But, it would be a prudent move to check the motor of your range hood on a regular basis. The motor and the bearings in it might stop functioning properly due to exposure to grease and moisture.

Sometimes, the motor might make a strange, loud noise too. If necessary, you might have to clean the blower wheel to remove the grease and dirt from its surface. You can use a degreasing agent for this purpose. However, the motor might have to be replaced if you continue to hear unusual sounds even after it has been cleaned.

It is recommended that you clean your range hood on a regular basis. If your range hood is not cleaned on a regular basis, it is possible that it will malfunction, causing grease and filth to accumulate in your kitchen. And if your range hood is unable to completely remove all of the smoke, dirt, and other toxins from your kitchen, your health may suffer as a result of the steady deterioration of indoor air quality over time.