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Best Cleaning Tips to Keep a Kitchen Range Hood Clean and Efficient

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An accurately functioning range hood is at the heart of any kitchen. If you’re a cooking enthusiast who tries new recipes every once in a while and fills up the kitchen with smoke, you would no doubt agree. A range hood sucks out all the bad smells and smoke and moves it away from your beautiful kitchen to keep it nicely ventilated.

Range hoods are long-lasting and if you clean and maintain them right, you can use them for years smoothly from time to time! And according to a study done by LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), the catching efficiency of quality hoods is average in the range of 30-40% on front burners; for the rear, it’s 90%.

You Should Clean Your Range Hood When Either:

Kitchen with Range, Sink, and Hardwood Floors
  1. Your hood is not clearing out smoke properly as before, even when you put it on maximum setting. It means the filter is filled with grease and needs cleaning more than ever.


  1. When your motor is making a loud and irritating sound. If you notice abnormal or cringe sounds, it can mean the motor is working harder than it should. It might just need some cleaning or replacement.

According to the reports of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), home fires are most likely to happen during holidays like Thanksgiving; in 2018, the number rose to 470 home cooking fires a day. Range hoods are long-lasting.

If you clean and maintain them right, you can use them for years smoothly from time to time! Read the guide below for care tips and instructions to look out for to keep your range hood in top class shape:

1. Cleaning The Air Filter

Cleaning the Range Hood filter is the essential part of maintaining your range hood. It differentiates dust particles and smoke. Charcoal filters and metal filters both work amazingly. You can easily remove them for replacement and cleaning purposes.

If you own a metal filter, simply take it out, put it in a vessel or container that is filled with enough degreasing solution to drown the filter. Wash it thoroughly in warm or soapy water.

If you own a charcoal filter, the removing method will be the same, but you can’t clean those; you can only replace them. They are one-time use only, but they last long. You need to replace them annually, or whenever it loses its efficiency

2. Cleaning The Vent

You should always check out your vent starting from your hood to out of your house. It is the part that carries all the smoke outside; thus, it can be a bit messy. It can sometimes also build up grease due to the moisture of heat. This can also cause a fire hazard and to prevent the same, cleaning the vent nicely is vital. You can also hire professionals to do it.

Ensure there isn’t anything near the stove before you start cleaning the vent to avoid something falling in your kitchen. Allow the degreaser to set in and work for 15 minutes after you put it on. Wipe away with a towel, use a nylon brush to clean it, and for any other residue, you can use tissue or tablecloth.

3. Replacing The Motor Or Cleaning The Fan

The fan motor is pretty durable and doesn’t need much maintenance. However, still checking up on it every time you clean your range hood is improving. Sometimes they do not work properly due to the excess humidity and grease exposure. You can remove it and clean it with a degreaser or any cleaning solution. If cleaning doesn’t work, replace it.

But remember to carefully use a drill to dismantle the fan blades of your range hood while taking out the motor. You can soak them in a cleaning solution, warm water, or in a dishwasher to clean them quickly.

Here is what you can do:

  • Take a non-abrasive rag and some soapy water
  • Rinse the fan blade thoroughly with it
  • Remember to avoid rinsing any electrical parts, from the light bulbs to the motor housing.
  • Scrub the fans and let them dry.

If you’re cooking daily, it’s most likely for it to be dirty by the end of the month. If you’re not cooking daily, you can clean them every 2-3 months. But remember always to clean the range hood filter after you cook a heavy or smoke-producing meal like Chinese. Cleaning the range hood not only maintains the condition of the hood but also prevents foul smells from lingering.