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Add a Coat of Arms To Your Home

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What Is A Coat Of Arms?

Coat of arms of Nova Scotia in Canada

A coat of arms is a special symbol used to represent a specific individual, family, or other entity. The presentation of these symbols differs around the world. Traditionally, however, a coats of arms consists of a number of individual images, including a motto, crest, shield, helmet, and two attendant figures. The motto is typically located on a banner at the bottom of the coat of arms. The crest is an image most commonly used as decoration on top of the helmet of a knight. On a coat of arms, it is located on top of the helmet, which is on top of the shield at the center of the symbol. The attendant figures, also known as supporters, are typically located on either side of the central shield and appear to be holding up the entire coat of arms. 

Other traditional components on coats of arms include a wreath, mantling, and coronets. Some of the most common images featured on coats of arms include lions, eagles, and horses. Common colors include red, blue, gold, and black.

Use Of Coat Of Arms

The creation and use of coats of arms are dictated by a system known as heraldry, which researchers believe dates back to the Middle Ages, during the 11th century. However, earlier examples of the use of coats of arms have been recorded, namely in ancient Greek and Roman societies. In these societies, coats of arms were often displayed on military shields. The popularity of heraldry spread throughout Europe and became a useful tool for identifying different kingdoms and their members during a time when many people were unable to read. Additionally, these symbols were used by knights during times of war in order to help each side of the conflict identify allies and enemies. 

Over time, these symbols were more widely utilized by other members of the nobility, resulting in more detailed design creations. Some of the positions or ranks that were later denoted by a coat of arms include dukes, barons, viscounts, and earls. Depending on the specific country of use, some civilians were also given the right to use coats of arms to represent their families, although the right to use certain specific symbols has often been reserved by members of the nobility. Since coats of arms are associated with certain families, these symbols have often served as useful tools for reference in genealogical research.

Add a Coat of Arms To Your Home 

Reach a new level of pride in your home with chimney personalization! By adding your Coat of Arms Crest to your chimney and dressing up your home with a copper chimney pot our customization makes a distinctive home even more impressive!

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