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4 Signs That you Need to Replace Your Range Hood

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Your range hood is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen. It helps remove indoor air pollutants, smoke, and grease from your kitchen air. This keeps you and your family healthy.

To keep the pollutants out, you want to keep your hood in great condition for years to come. But, range hoods aren’t indestructible. There are a few cases where you might need a replacement. We’ll go over 4 signs that you need to replace your range hood.

1. You Notice that Your Kitchen is Unusually Smoky

The whole point of a hood is to keep smoke out. If it’s failing to do this it may simply be a clog that requires cleaning, but a common problem is fan failure. The range hood’s fan system is failing to absorb and then exhaust the lingering aromas of delicious meals in the making as well as bothersome smoke and grease.

First, try cleaning the fan’s blades and its tray of all excess grease accumulation. Next, examine the air filter connected to the fan for any debris blockage.

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The air filter is the part of your vent hood that removes particulates and smoke from the air before pushing it outside of your house or recirculating it. There are two kinds of filters: a metal filter and a charcoal filter. Both of these kinds of filters can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

If neither of these efforts alleviates the smoky atmosphere, call a Range Craft professional for repair or replacement of your range hood.

2. Your Kitchen Range Hood Motor is Growing Louder During Use

You notice that the motor of your range hood is growing progressively louder with each use. You should first give the motor a thorough cleaning to determine if the excess noise is due to grease and cooking residue buildup. If cleaning does not help, contact your range hood repair service to find out whether this essential item of kitchen equipment needs refurbishing or replacement.

Any component coming loose or jamming in a fan assembly is going to start producing a repetitive humming, vibrating, or chopping sound. The problem is usually a simple one, but you’ll want our professionals to come and make sure the system isn’t about to fall apart!

3. Controls on the Range Hood Do Not Work

If you push the control buttons on your range hood and neither the light nor other functions work, first check the fan’s operation. If the fan is operating normally, the built-in circuit board may be failing or malfunctioning. You should notify your range hood repair and replacement service provider to identify the problem and recommend either repairs or installation of a new range hood.

If, in fact, you do need a new range hood, check the product warranty to determine if its protection is still in effect for your current range hood. If so, contact the product manufacturer to request a replacement. If the warranty coverage no longer applies, call your Range Craft professional for a new hood installation.

4. Broken Lights On Range Hood

On the off chance that the lights on the range hood don’t come on, make sure that the lights are not worn out. If the lights are working, check the range switch to be certain it is in working order. If the switch is flawed, replace the range hood light switch. Take a look at the switch with a multimeter to be certain it is to blame before supplanting. The control board (on some range hoods) might be the issue of “no lights” so test the board if relevant

Sometimes, damage to the circuitry or blower will require a replacement hood. Other times, you can replace the motor or circuit without needing a replacement. But, it’s hard to say exactly when you need a replacement part or hood. We recommend calling a Range Craft specialist and explaining the issue in detail. They’ll be able to talk you through some options.

Range Craft: Here To Serve You

Problems with your range hood? A range hood should last you for 10+ years, if not more. Before you pull the trigger on a new hood, make sure it’s absolutely necessary.

We recommend contacting our specialists and getting advice from them on how you can possibly fix your vent hood. If all else fails, we are to serve you and your family to get your kitchen back to working order. Our team of expertly trained technicians can handle any range hood issue, no matter what brand you have.