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What Are Base Kitchen Cabinets?

Base kitchen cabinets have a major role to play concerning the overall decor of your kitchen. As its name indicates, base kitchen cabinets form the foundation or the basic building block on top of which sinks, and counters are placed.

What Are Base Kitchen Cabinets?

Base cabinets are typically installed on the floor, and they come equipped with a drawer and a few shelves or several drawers placed on top of each other.  A base kitchen cabinet, which defines the floorplan of a kitchen, is designed to carry heavyweight objects like countertops, cooktops, and sinks.

It’s important to note that these cabinets are permanent.

Updated contemporary kitchen room interior in white and brown tones.
They may come with exposed legs or legs covered by toe kicks – which are nothing but a long piece of wood.

Some interior designers may suggest you leave a considerable amount of space between the floor and the bottom of the base kitchen cabinet. This will allow you to keep every nook and cranny of your kitchen clean.

  • Use the shelves of your base kitchen cabinets to store your pots and pans, utensils for cooking, crockery, and cutlery, or your cleaning supplies.
  • Some base kitchen cabinets often come with roll trays or pull-out racks. Sometimes, these cabinets come with unique features such as wastebaskets, recycling bins, and so on.

The standard height of these cabinets is around 34.5 inches, and their standard depth is 24 inches. When a countertop is installed on top of a base kitchen cabinet, the total height turns out to be around 35 to 36 inches.

Functions Of Base Kitchen Cabinets

Base kitchen cabinets enhance the aesthetic value of your kitchen and improve the functionality of your kitchen. The following are some of the functions of base kitchen cabinets:

1.    Base Kitchen Cabinets Form the Foundation Or Base For A Lot Of Objects

A base kitchen cabinet carries objects like cooktops, sinks, and so on, thereby forming a foundation for them.

2.    These Cabinets Can Be Used as Large Storage Spaces

You can use base kitchen cabinets as storage units. These cabinets can store several articles like utensils, canned food, and other similar items. The storage space is often nothing but a huge box. You can store all your pots and pans in big 48-inch base kitchen cabinets. Sometimes, however, the storage area consists of box columns, slide-outs, lazy susans, and so on. On the other hand, you may use 12-inch cabinets to store muffin tins, baking sheets, and other similar objects.

3.    Base Kitchen Cabinets Define The Layout Of Your Kitchen

Base kitchen cabinets define the layout of a kitchen. Most kitchen layouts are pretty simple. They often form a U-shape or an L-shape. Base kitchen cabinets play a major role in traffic flow in a kitchen as well as open floor space or the placement of items such as kitchen tables.

4.    Base Kitchen Cabinets Can Be Used to Build Kitchen Islands

Often, custom remodelers or home builders make kitchen islands from scratch. However, kitchen islands can also be built after the installation of base kitchen cabinets. Two or more base cabinets are connected from within, and a countertop is laid, spanning all the bases. The seams in between the base cabinets may be covered by molding, or they may be left as they are.

5.    These Cabinets Are Also Used to Store Objects That Can Be Recycled

Sometimes base kitchen cabinets come with bins meant for keeping materials that can be recycled. Also, some cabinets come with garbage bins that will help you keep all the garbage hidden from sight.

Base kitchen cabinets can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. In addition, they add to the functionality of your kitchen by functioning as storage units and sometimes as recycle bins too.

DIY or Not?

If you’re considering a DIY, remember it can get complicated. Installing cabinets is easier when you hire a professional who is familiar with the product and who has experience in the work itself. It will not only save you time but can also save money. Initially, it may seem like a good idea to build your own cabinets, but this DIY job may end up costing you more than you expected. To put in kitchen cabinets, do you have all of the necessary tools? Do you know what tools you’ll need to do this task? All of the equipment you’ll need might be very expensive, whether you buy it or rent it. And then what are you going to do with it once the job is finished? Rather than worry, contact us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help.