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Which are the Best Over the Range Hoods?

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If you cook at home, chances are that you and your loved ones are exposed to air pollution. Studies show that a third of US households use natural gas for cooking. This is the main reason why the total number of individuals affected by indoor pollution is so high. One good way to prevent air pollution in your kitchen is to use a range hoods. This kitchen addition has become of utmost importance over the years. When selecting a good over the range hood for your kitchen space, you will realize that you have many options to choose from. Luckily, this article is going to clear up the confusion by showing you the best over the range hoods.

Ducted Range Hoods

Range hoods are categorized in two main types – ducted and non-ducted hoods. Ducted range hoods tend to be superior when it comes to air venting than non-ducted ones. The reason behind this is that ducted hoods allow more gas and humidity content to be exchanged.

The only issue with ducted range hoods is that they require more time and effort to set up. They are also more expensive to install because you cannot do the work by yourself. Furthermore, not all kitchens that can support a ducted hood. In summary, if you lack the funds or space, installing a ducted range hood might not be the best idea for you. However, it can be the best solution for you if you can afford one.

Non-Ducted Range Hoods

Unlike ducted range hoods, non-ducted hoods are quite easy to install. As long as you are willing to go through the short installation process, you can do this as a DIY project. As their name suggests, non-ducted hoods do not require ventilation leading to the outside. This means that you can just mount yours on the wall above your cooking space, and you will be good to go. With these hoods, you do not have to sacrifice cabinet space. Furthermore, it is quite cheap to have them installed.

The only issue with ductless hoods is that they are not very effective at keeping your home uncontaminated. This is because they do not have extra ventilation. However, if you are on a tight budget, a non-ducted hood can go a long way in trapping unwanted agents and filtering air to a certain extent.

Wall Mounted Range Hoods

Another range hood that you can consider installing in your kitchen is a wall-mounted good. As its name hints, this kind of hood is installed on the wall right above your cooking area. Many homeowners, instead of installing a cabinet over the stove, they are instead mounting a range hood above it. If you still want to install your hood in a space with existing cabinetry, you may want to clear up some cabinet space to create more room for the hood. Some wall-mounted hoods do come with a chimney, which assists with ventilation.

Under Cabinets Range Hoods

One very common range hood is the under cabinet hood. As the name suggests, you can mount this range hood under the cabinets, which you are usually positioned above your stove or oven. The design of an under cabinet venting system is simple, and usually quite versatile to fit any kitchen style or design. For the hood to provide enough ventilation, its ductwork is placed either through the cabinet above the range hood or behind the range hood out through an exterior wall.

The only major issue with under cabinet range hoods is that they take up any storage space you may want to use in your cabinet. Therefore, you will want to consider the amount of space you are ready to loose before installing the under cabinet range hood.

If you are looking to complete your kitchen remodel project or would just like to update some of your old appliances, one thing that should be on your list is a range hood. Range hoods are quite beneficial because they help control smoke and smells in the kitchen. In addition to this, they assists to regulate the temperature changes associated with cooking.

When it comes to selecting the best over the range hood for your kitchen, you will realize that they come in a different materials, types, styles, and strengths. Depending on your kitchen’s layout, your oven and stove combination, the cabinets above your countertops, and many other factors, you will need to select a range hood ideal for your kitchen space, and one that you will be happy to have.