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What is a Convertible Range Hood?

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Range hoods are very crucial for people who cook at home and for those who have a range or gas cook top. There are several types of range hoods including convertible, ducted and non-ducted. They can be classed premised on how they have been mounted. This could be a wall mount, an island mount or under cabinet. The under cabinet hood is the most common and it mostly sits just beneath the kitchen cabinet. Wall mount hoods are attached to the wall whereas island hoods are strategically installed just above a cook top. On the other hand, downdraft hoods are installed in the counter adjacent to the cook top.

This article shall specifically deal with the convertible range hood and the way it functions. A convertible range hood can simply vent through the wall and it can vent through the ceiling with the use of a duct. More so, it can also be changed into a non-venting one where it filters the air that is consequently blown back to the kitchen. The hood can be installed as either ducted or duct free.

It helps to eliminate any bad kitchen odors and smoke. The most recent convertible range hood can be used with both gas and electric cooking products. The new ones can therefore be deployed vertically via the upper cabinets and horizontally to the other side of an outside wall.

Benefits of a Convertible Range Hood

There are various features and benefits that are predominantly found in many convertible range hoods and they include the following:

  • Simple Installation

A convertible range hood can be readily installed in 10 minutes or less.

  • Backlit Controls

These electronic controls create a very great display that is basic and relatively easy to use. This is coupled with the very sophisticated look, which it renders.

  • Exhaust

A convertible range hood often entails an exhaust both on top and at the rear of the hood.

  • High Speed with Boost Venting System

This high ventilation power is very instrumental in the whisking away of bad smells, smoke and moisture.

  • Aluminum Charcoal Filter

This is present in many convertible range hoods and it aids in the thorough air filtering in order to remove and consequently reduce bad odors. The hoods are therefore simply configured to use these kinds of charcoal filters and this mostly happens in case your kitchen is not vented.

  • Design

Most of the convertible range hoods have a sleek design and a beautiful appearance from all the respective angles.

  • Halogen Lighting

Majority of the convertible range hoods also entail halogen lights that are very vital for cooking while others employ it for snacking at night. This enhances visibility while still lighting up your cook top and adjacent surfaces.

  • Automatic Shut Off

A convertible range hood can be set accordingly to shut off after the lapse of several minutes.

  • Venting Options

Many of these range hoods have options for recirculation or external venting.

  • Remote Control

This is an optional choice present in the majority of convertible range hoods. The remote can be used to regulate the speed of the fan and the lighting as well. This can be done from any point within your kitchen.

  • Stainless Steel Finish

The latest convertible range hood consists of a very decent stainless steel finish, which is very vital for enhanced durability. It has impeccable impact absorption and it is very resistant to corrosion. Further, it provides a very ultra-modern look and feel.

From the foregoing, it is very clear that a convertible range hood has a very good futuristic design and the best ventilation. The most recent ones also have high tech features, touch control and the added bespoke mechanics. A convertible range hood comes in different sizes. In case you want to buy one, you should always go for the one that is as broad as your range. Experts therefore recommend that if you have ample and adequate space, you should buy one that is possibly one size larger or bigger.

A fitting example is that if you have a 30-inch cook top, then you should definitely consider acquiring a 36-inch convertible range hood. This expansive coverage guarantees that all the odors, grease and smoke will be definitely captured. The choice of the convertible range hood should therefore be premised on your flexibility with regard to where you want the range hood installed and on your available budget.