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The Best Range Hood Maintenance Tips

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A well-functioning range hood is an essential part of a modern kitchen, as it works to eliminate smoke, airborne grease and unwanted smells produced by heavy cooking. It is important to keep your range hood clean and tidy to maintain its level of efficiency when cooking or preparing meals in the kitchen. Range hoods come in a wide variety of styles, designs, sizes, and features that may demand a different approach to cleaning and maintenance.
Regardless of the design and model of your range hood, it is important to keep it in good shape to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future. This article discusses the best range hood maintenance tips that help improve the efficiency of your range hood and keep your kitchen clean.

  • Clean the Fan or Replace the Motor

It is important to examine the fan motor when doing checkups as they can be exposed to airborne grease and excessive humidity that reduces its ability to function properly. The fan can also collect dirt and grease from constant smoke and other combustion products that are expelled from the kitchen. It is important to clean your fans regularly with a degreaser to increase the efficiency of your range hood. If cleaning your fan does not seem to solve your problem then you might consider replacing the motor.

  • Inspect the Vent Regularly

If you have a ducted range hood, it is important to check the vent regularly to ensure there is no restricted airflow in the ductwork. The buildup of grease, soot, and other combustion impurities along the vent can impair its functionality. This also means that your range hood will have to work harder than usual to force out smoke and unpleasant smells outside the vent. Furthermore, grease buildup in the vent has the potential of causing a fire hazard. It is important to contact a cleaning professional if you are having difficulties cleaning the vent by yourself.

  • Clean the Air Filter

The air filter expels smoke and other combustion impurities to the outside of your house or recirculates the air in the kitchen. The two common kinds of air filters are a charcoal filter and a metal filter. Both of these filters can be removed easily when you want them to be cleaned or replaced. Toss the metal filter in a degreasing solution to dissolve all the grease before washing it thoroughly in warm soapy water. Rinse it with clean water and ensure it is completely dry before reattaching it. Since you cannot clean a charcoal filter, it is a good idea to replace it whenever it starts to lose effectiveness.

  • Clean the Range Hood

Before you start cleaning your range hood, it is important to turn off the unit and the stovetop. A perfect degreaser or household cleaning spray can come in handy for regular clean-ups. However, it is important to use a non-abrasive variety to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your range hood. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly to a light bulb or electrical components inside your range hood. Keeping your range hood as clean as possible helps to maintain the outer surface making it visually pleasing.

  • Diagnose Range Hood Problems

There are times when your range hood may sound differently or operate out of the usual. A range hood can wear down because of constant use or grease buildup that reduces its ability to function properly. If your range hood is on the highest setting but smoke is not clearing from the kitchen then the problem could be arising from a clog or obstruction in the vent caused by grease buildup. A motor that is excessively loud or produces a humming sound probably needs to be cleaned or replaced. If the buttons or lights are not working then it could be an electrical problem that needs to be fixed by a professional from the control board in your vent panel.

  • Preventive Measures

The first preventative measure is to understand the operation manual of the dos and don’ts of your range hood. It is also important to clean your air filters and vents regularly to avoid grease buildup. Setting your range hood at the highest speed for a long duration can destroy the motor because of overheating. Lastly, inspect all components of your range hood to ensure they are operating normally and efficiently.

The price, design, and features that come with your range hood does not matter without proper maintenance. Regular cleaning is one of the foundations of maintaining a range hood. It is important to identify and address any problems with your range hood early to avoid spending on unnecessary repairs in the future. Lastly, it is important to contact a professional if you intend to replace the fan motor or fix lighting and other electrical components in your range hood.