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What Are the Types of Range Hoods?

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The purpose of a range hood is to promote good ventilation in the kitchen by eliminating smoke, vapor, and unpleasant odors. The type of range hood you choose may vary depending on your kitchen layout, size of your stove, and personal preferences. Regardless of the type of range hood, you choose for your kitchen, you need to ensure it can accomplish its intended purpose and meets all your ventilation needs. This article discusses the different types of range hoods available and the features that make them unique for a particular kitchen layout.

  • Wall-Mounted Range Hood

A wall-mounted range hood is attached to the wall above the cooking area. If you already have a cabinet in the space above the stove, it can be removed to make way for this type of range hood.

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A wall-mounted range hood is installed with a chimney to help with ventilation. It also serves as a design element by adding a distinctive look to your kitchen based on the product style or brand. This type of range hood vents out smoke and other unwanted combustion products from your kitchen through an exterior wall behind them.

  • Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Under-cabinet range hoods are common in modern homes because of their attractive design and compact size. Just as the name suggests, this type of range hood is installed under cabinets that are directly above the cooktop. An under-cabinet range hood can be either ducted or ductless depending on your chosen preferences. A ducted range hood is compact and works by filtering dirty air and recycling it back to your kitchen. A ductless range hood is more effective but consumes a lot of space during installation.

  • Island Range Hood

This type of range hood works great for an island layout since the cooktop is located in the middle of the kitchen. It is almost similar to a wall-mounted range hood in terms of design but it is suspended from the ceiling directly above your cooktop. Instead of a duct that hides behind the hood, an island range hood has a duct in the ceiling that vents out polluted air from your kitchen. It is important to consider the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding height measurements when installing an island range hood. Some homes do not have proper clearance to vent through the ceiling. The ductwork should not end in the attic but should be able to vent air outside your home.

  • Downdraft Range Hood

A downdraft range hood offers a great solution for a kitchen with limited space. It is unobtrusive and can complement the look of your home as it can be hidden away at the back of your cooktop until it is time to use it. Unlike other common range hoods that extract fumes up towards the ceiling, a downdraft range hood pulls the fumes in a downward direction away from your cooking space.  It pulls down rising air and vents it out through ducts beneath the floor.

  • Cabinet Insert Hoods

A cabinet insert hood provides greater customization options for a modern kitchen. It can be installed into customized cabinets above the stovetop or cooktop. Although it is designed with basic features such as blowers, speed controls, and lighting, it does not have a complete ventilation system like other types of range hoods. It is ideal when used as the base for a custom-designed range hood because it provides all the core features you need. It also allows you to design a ventilation system that matches the layout of your kitchen.

  • Professional-Grade Range Hood

A professional-grade range hood is ideal for homeowners who desire a powerful fan and a set of controls that can flash out the harsh smells and toxins in the kitchen. Not only is it powerful but also accurate and efficient for any application. It has a high CFM rating to meet the requirement of a professional level range hood. It is rated at 900+ CFM and is considered as a commercial-grade residential hood that can perform at high capacity to get rid of unwanted contaminants, unpleasant odors, and toxins from your kitchen.

Purchasing a new range hood is a good investment as it provides a comfortable and healthy atmosphere throughout your home. It is available in different options and settings depending on what best fits your kitchen layout and your chosen preferences. Investing in an efficient and reliable range hood not only makes a big difference to the functionality of your cook space but also the look of your kitchen.