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Top 7 Kitchen Range Hood Designs You Should Consider

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Kitchen range hoods help to improve your indoor air quality by reducing moisture, smoke, and other impurities that may be lingering in the air due to regular meal preparation and cooking. Since a range hood is quite useful, you need to make sure that the hood you have in your kitchen looks amazing too. Combining functionality and great design will enable you to benefit from your range hood while still making your kitchen look fantastic.

When it comes to selecting a good range hood for your specific kitchen, you will realize that you have many options to choose from. The main reason behind this is that kitchen range hoods come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. These factors definitely affect the best range hood for your specific kitchen.

An appliance of such a large size should make a stylish statement, and this article has highlighted seven kitchen range hood designs you must check out.

  1. Wood Covered Kitchen Range Hood

Wood looks great in the kitchen. It will therefore makes your kitchen range hood look amazing. If you love natural looks around you, you will definitely fall in love with a wood covered kitchen range hood. Furthermore, you can have this range hood in a color that matches other elements of your kitchen such as the cabinets or countertops. This will enable you to achieve a better look.

  1. A Mantle Piece Kitchen Range Hood

With the right kind of a range hood, you can be able to create an impressive centerpiece in your kitchen. By doing this, you will have achieved a classic and high-end kitchen. The range hood you decide to go with to achieve this purpose can usually be made out of different materials and have distinct styles. However, a range hood with wood on the outside offers an amazing experience. You can purchase one that is painted white so that it matches other elements of your kitchen.

  1. A Scalloped Range Hood

A scalloped range hood entails a range hood that is perfectly tailored to fit your kind of kitchen. This type of a kitchen range hood is usually made of metal and you can ask your designer to add some extra styles to make it look unique.

  1. A Wooden Arc

Another kitchen range hood design idea is to go with a wooden arc. Many kitchen range hoods are usually rectangular and do not have a unique design on them. By having a wooden arc range hood, you can achieve an impressive-looking kitchen because the design is quite unique and not something that you see on a daily basis. You should consider purchasing a dark hood because it will complement the look of your neutral backsplash and stainless-steel appliances.

  1. A Circular Range Hood

Although we are used to the normal rectangular range hoods, a circular one gives a unique appeal, making it more preferred by those individuals that like to be different. A round model of a kitchen range hood looks quite fantastic. In fact, your guests might see it more of a sculpture instead of an appliance. A circular range hood can thus provide you with functionality while making your kitchen look incredibly awesome.

  1. A Small Range Hood

If you do not have a big kitchen, you can always install a small range hood that still looks amazing. Having a petite range hood that complements the look of your kitchen enables you to enjoy the benefits of a range hood while still making your kitchen look amazing.

  1. Black Colored Kitchen Range Hood

Black looks amazing on kitchens. It adds a stunning visual appeal, especially in those kitchens that already have bright colors. You can thus be sure that a black colored kitchen range hood is going to add a fantastic visual appeal to the interiors of your kitchen. This kind of a kitchen range hood works perfectly when used on a kitchen that has dark floors and white walls and cabinets. Combining these elements will make you achieve a stunning-looking kitchen that everyone will envy.

Whether you want to install a range hood to boost your indoor air quality or not, it is without doubt to say that a kitchen range hood can significantly improve the overall look of your kitchen. Many homeowners believe that the kitchen is the most important part of their house. If this is the same case for you, then you should consider implementing the aforementioned range hood design ideas that are definitely going to boost the overall look of your kitchen.