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How Can I Keep My Stainless Steel Hood Spotless?

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Stainless steel hoods are glossy delights in a kitchen but keeping them spotless is a big job. Though they are simpler to maintain than wood and acrylic hoods, it’s not easy to keep them as good as new.

If you’ve always put off cleaning this shiny metal, think of what it can cause if left greasy. It can block the kitchen smoke. And it can be reeking of the oily substance. But don’t sweat it! Here are five best tips to keep it unstained.

Tips To Keep Your Stainless Steel Hood Spotless

Give a fresh look to this multi-purpose kitchen fan using the tips below.

Keep An Eye On The Duct

beautiful kitchen with stainless steel hood

The duct is nothing but the pipe that’s above the hood. It’s the one that removes all the smoke and the strong odors out of your kitchen. It can be the most ignored of all in the kitchen, but it’s something you need to keep an eye on. If the smoke is blocked or bad odors don’t go away even after a long time, you might have to get it repaired or replaced. To avoid that, call a professional duct cleaner once a month and have it cleaned to prevent any major damages in the long run.

How to clean: Remove the vent cap once in three to four weeks and see if there is any residue on it. If you see any, don’t delay calling a contractor to clean it.

Dust the Surface

An easier way to keep the range hood spotless is to dust away from the surface. There are plenty of cleaning brushes available in the market from where you can buy one and get the one that cleans every nook and corner of the range hood. You need to clean both the inside and the outside of the roof to work efficiently for years.

How to clean: Don’t forget to cover your stove before cleaning. Use a cleaning tool that removes dust from even the tiny surfaces easily.

Wipe Outside Of The Range

You can dust it every day but try to wipe the outside of the range hood at least once in a week or so. Once you brush the surface, it might be greasy that takes effort to wipe it out completely. The longer you leave it uncleaned, the more the grease and the harder it gets to clean. The outer surface of the hood is what you see, and that’s something you should not ignore.

How to Clean: You can use soap water to clean it or vinegar if the grease doesn’t go with one wipe. Use a scrubber and wipe it clean with a kitchen cloth for a finished look.

Clean The Inside Of The Hood

This is one of the most difficult parts of cleaning. You need to be careful while doing so. Wiping the debris on the filters needs close attention so that you don’t end up hurting yourself or touching the electric components. You can clean the inner area without removing the filter, but you need not take professional help to remove it either.

How to clean: Use a scrubbing brush and soak it in water mixed with baking soda. You may have to wear gloves before doing this for added protection. You can also apply the baking soda and leave it for some time before cleaning it for better results.

Take Out The Filter And Clean

Most of the hoods are easy to detach by sliding them out. This is one of the important steps to keep your stainless steel hood pristine. The dirt in the filter and the inside of the hood can block the smoke from going out. But if you maintain it well, it can last for years.

How to Clean: Fill your sink with warm water and soak the filter for a couple of minutes. Rub it with a scrubbing brush using baking soda and water. Rinse it and leave it to dry for some time. You can then wipe it for a clean look.

A stainless steel hood will last longer without major repairs when you maintain it well right from the beginning. We hope these simple tips help you clean yours with ease. If you have any concerns or questions about your range hood, or you’re in the market for a new one, get in touch with the team today to discuss. We’ve been in the business for many years and we’re on hand to assist.