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How Do You Choose a Custom Range Hood Design?

The range hood is often described as the crown of the kitchen. It gives off that great sense of appeal and upgrades the overall look. As a homeowner, you should therefore aim to ensure that it looks its best. This can be done by implementing incredible and latest custom designs. However, since there are many to choose from, you may be confused about the best option to go for. This article aims to clear up the confusion by explaining different factors that will help you choose the ideal design.

Determine the Size You Want

The first thing you have to consider is the size you are looking for. This is usually influenced by the size of your kitchen. Apart from this, your personal preference plays a huge role because you may prefer small, medium, or large ones. The size you decide to go for can also be determined by other factors like closeness to existing windows and cabinetry, the height of your ceiling, and the space that was left for the range hood during construction.

Functionality may also play a role in deciding the size you have to go for. This is because it has to match the size of your gas stove. It also has to come with a proper CFM rating that will be powerful enough to eliminate odors, gases, and smoke that emanate from your meal preparation endeavors.

A custom range hood is the center piece of the kitchen

Choose the Material

After choosing the size, it is now time to decide on the material to go for. It is good to make a decision on size first before coming to this next step because it has a great impact on the materials that will be at your disposal. Popular materials used include wood, steel, stone, and metal. The materials can even be mixed up to give much better results. For instance, you can have one with a wooden body and metallic straps. When choosing the materials, be sure you have a good understanding of the maintenance process of each so you know if you can actually handle it.

Decide on the Style and Shape

When it comes to choosing the style and shape, it is good to note that you have very many options to choose. Some examples include modern, craftsman, Tuscan, farmhouse, and bell curve. These are already existing designs and if none fits your liking, you may decide to have your own unique style and shape. This is quite allowed because you are building a custom range hood and your personal preference is of utmost importance and usually advised. In fact, your manufacturer will even come up with a 3D model before making it so you have a good idea of how it will look like. After your approval, they will go ahead and make it as you saw in the model.

Get Some Good Finishes

A good finish can help make your range hood the incredible centerpiece that you are looking for. This is where paint and color come into play. You can decide to go with any color that suits you be it red, emerald green, or timeless white. The power lies in your hands. Nevertheless, it is always advised to go with a color that complements the look and feel of your house. Good finishing does not just end here because you can decide to have other additions like wood paneling to add some extra texture and dimension.

Other Details That Will Affect Your Choice

There are some other smaller but important details that you will have to consider when choosing the design. For instance, you may want to pay attention to the amount of noise that your hood produces. It is better to go for one that does not produce too much noise. You may also want one that has ample lighting to give you an easier time preparing meals.

A range hood serves two main purposes – making your kitchen look good and the functional task. It removes gases, heat, fumes, and odors, ensuring a great environment when preparing meals. Since it does such a great job, you have to ensure it looks good and complements the overall look and feel of your kitchen. The best way to make this possible is to go the custom way and design your range hood. This article has given you information on how to go about this, meaning you are now fully equipped to take up this endeavor. During this process, be sure to work with professionals for the best experience possible.