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How to Choose The Best Kitchen Backsplashes

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HiLites Backsplashes

Why is installing backsplash tile behind the stove a wise decision to extend the life of your kitchen? Not only does easy-to-wipe-down tile prevent all the elbow grease from scrubbing, but it can also set up the perfect look for your kitchen decor. A well-chosen stove backsplash will pull double duty, protecting walls from messes and splashes while creating a statement look in your cooking zone.

The options are just about infinite when it comes to choosing tiles for a stove backsplash, but you’ll want to make some key decisions before you make your final choice. Which tile backsplash is the easiest to wipe clean? What style is your kitchen – do you want the same tiles to span the entire kitchen wall, or want a pop behind the range? How can you preserve your beautiful tiles while making the best use of your kitchen?

We created this post to guide you on how to find the perfect backdrop for your cooking area which can be a unique statement for your kitchen décor that meets all your design and cleaning needs, all at the same time!

What to Look For in Backsplash Tiles Behind the Stove

Did you know that there are unique aspects of cooking zones that you need to take into account when choosing the backsplash tile behind the stove? There are many styles that are stunningly beautiful but may need extra steps to make them the best fit for that backsplash area. No matter how you manage cooking in your kitchen, grease, heat, moisture, stains will always have a sneaky way of making it into your stove backsplash tiles! That means you want tiles that look good while being resistant to all of the above, or at the very least, easy to clean!

The following are the top contenders for a tile backsplash design behind the stove that will satisfy all your design needs while taking everything into account.

Porcelain and Ceramic Backsplash Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles for a backsplash behind the stove provide a durable, heat-resistant surface that combats inevitable oil splatters and sauce splashes while offering tons of room for a creative kitchen wall décor. Usually, with a cost-effective price tag per square foot and a vast array of colors and textures, these tiles are one of the best low-maintenance options if you’re trying to make things a little easier for yourself!

Glass Backsplash Tiles

Glass tiles are easily wiped down after a marathon cooking endeavor and are therefore a popular choice for kitchen designs. Even when your stove backsplash consists of multiple glass tiles of varying sizes, you’ll need very little time to remove even the toughest stains as the slippery smooth surface of glass requires only a damp rag to make your tile backsplash look new! Add the heat-resistant surface and plethora of color options of glass – what more can you ask for?

Marble Backsplash Tiles

Marble tiles, on the other end of the spectrum, are attractive options for a beautiful backsplash design behind a stove, with a durable finish that’s naturally resistant to heat. Nothing leaves quite the impression as a luxurious marble and natural stone backsplash, but true beauty needs to be maintained and protected.

First, the more “natural” your stones are – meaning the more textured and rough – grease and stains are more likely to seek out the nooks and crannies in your tile backsplash. It’s a good idea to choose stone tiles with a smooth appearance, instead of textured or tumbled stones.

Second, whether you have marble, travertine, slate, or any other natural stone, you need to make sure your tiles are sealed on a regular basis to avoid stains being soaked up, as all-natural stone tiles are porous.

At the end of the day, it’s well worth it to enjoy the sophisticated look that a stone backsplash adds to any kitchen décor! Whether you love a classic marble subway tile design or add an artistic touch with a marble mosaic pattern, there are endless and beautiful options to create the perfect look for your kitchen!

Range Craft’s HiLite’s Backsplashes

HiLites Backsplashes are available in stainless steel, brass, and copper much the same as the metal offering of RangeCraft range hoods. The stainless steel, brass, and copper backsplashes feature blackened non-directional “swirling” effects. Applications include kitchen backsplash, vanities & wall art. Innovative backsplashes offer One-of-a-Kind Design Details that are easy to install, easy to clean, and will match or complement your range hood metal.