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Why You Need An Outdoor Range Hood

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outdoor range hood

You need an outdoor range hood because your outdoor kitchen produces intense heat and a lot of smoke, unwanted toxins, and grease that will discolor and damage your ceiling, cabinets, and furniture.

To keep your backyard cooking space clean and protect your investment, purchase an outdoor vent hood.

We’ll first explain what outdoor range hoods are and then we’ll go into detail about some of their great features. 

What Is An Outdoor Range Hood?

An outdoor range hood also called a barbecue hood, is a kitchen exhaust fan that is installed outside, most commonly in an enclosed or open patio. BBQ hoods can be mounted on the wall, commonly called ‘wall range hoods.’ Or you can hang yours from a ceiling away from a wall over a grill or kitchen island. These are typically called island range hoods.

If your grill is on an island, purchase an island range hood. If your grill is against a wall, you’ll want a wall range hood.

Consider 1200+ CFM (CFMs are a measurement of the cubic feet of air a hood will move each minute) for your BBQ vent hood. This will keep the smoke down on your patio and keep it from accumulating on your outdoor kitchen appliances while you enjoy cooking outside.

5 Reasons You Need a Range Hood 

Everyone should have a vent hood in their outdoor kitchen! If you’re on the fence, check out several reasons why you need one below.

You Love To Grill.

Any avid grill master will love their BBQ range hood.

Burgers, steaks, hotdogs, ribs, you name it; all of these delicious foods produce a lot of smoke and oils while cooking. If you’re going to be grilling frequently, it’s even more important for you to filter that smoke-filled air out of your cooking space!

You Plan To Host Large Parties, Socials, Or Barbecues.

You’re not the only one who will use your patio space. A range hood in your backyard will keep your air fresh and your guests happy.

If you want your backyard to be a place to enjoy delicious food and socialize with friends, then you need to ensure that it is a healthy environment for everyone. Who knows? You may have guests with breathing problems such as asthma or a history of lung complications – and smoke and other contaminants will not do them any favors.

A backyard hood is especially important if your kitchen is in a small or enclosed area. Smoke can build up quickly in smaller spaces, so it’s imperative that you purchase a range hood to keep that space clean.

You Want To Build Or Remodel Your Outdoor Kitchen.

If you’re planning on building a new kitchen in your backyard – or if you want to remodel your current space – a range hood for your backyard can be a fantastic addition. Not to mention that it looks beautiful.

Outdoor range hoods tend to be larger than 42″ to accommodate the large size of grills and to pack enough power to keep the space smoke-free. Consult with an interior designer to discuss how you can incorporate a hood into your backyard.

If you don’t have the time or resources to talk with an interior designer, here’s a tip:

Give yourself a lot of room to build your outdoor kitchen. You don’t want to get halfway through your renovation and realize that the space is too small. With a larger space, you’ll always have room for more furniture, carpets, or even counters.

Keep in mind that you’ll want to have enough space so that people can walk around. And you’ll want the range in a place where you won’t be getting in your guests’ way.

This has two main benefits: you can work more efficiently and your guests will be further away from the heavy smoke and grease that your grill produces.

Your Patio Is Often Smoky And It’s Difficult To Keep The Surfaces And Appliances Clean

If you have had problems in the past keeping your backyard patio clean, invest in a BBQ vent hood. Your new range hood from Rangecraft will pack plenty of power to do the job.

Without a backyard hood, the grease and oil in the air will accumulate on your cooking space and grill. In enclosed patios, your appliances, walls, and ceiling will become dirty over time. A range hood in your backyard will save you time cleaning this space and keep your investment from getting damaged.

You Want To Impress Your Friends And Family

If there’s one appliance in your kitchen to tell your friends and family about, it’s your new range hood.

Anyone can spend a bunch of money on an expensive range, but a range hood tells your guests that you actually know how to use that range!