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Do You Need an Outdoor Range Hood?

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If you have an outdoor kitchen, then chances are that you usually do a lot of cooking out there, especially when you have guests around. Since your outdoor kitchen produces intense smoke and heat, just like your normal indoor kitchen, you will need a range hood. The reasoning behind this is that the unwanted grease, gases, smoke, and toxins from your kitchen are likely to cause damage to your furniture, ceiling, and cabinets where your range hood is located. To keep your backyard looking pristine, consider installing an outdoor range hood. This article gives more details regarding the importance of an outdoor range hood.

What is an Outdoor Range Hood?

Also referred to as a barbecue hood, an outdoor range hood is a kitchen exhaust fan normally installed outdoors, usually in an open or enclosed patio.

outdoor kitchen with a range hood

This hood can be mounted on the wall – wall range hood. You could also consider hanging it away from a wall over a kitchen island or grill – island range hood. The best CFM for an outdoor range hood is around 1200+. This range hood ensures that smoke is kept down in your patio and prevents it from accumulating around your outdoor living area.

What is the Purpose of an Outdoor Range Hood?

If you do any cooking in the outdoors, then you should definitely consider having an outdoor range hood. This part of the article gives some reasons why you need an outdoor range hood.

  • For Grilling

If you love to grill, then you will definitely benefit from an outdoor range hood. Grilling foods such as ribs, steaks, and burgers produces a lot of smoke and oil. If you grill on a regular basis, it makes sense to filter that smoke-filled air out of your outdoor living space.

  • For Large Parties and Gatherings

If you will be hosting a lot of large parties and gatherings in your patio, then an outdoor range hood will come in handy. Having a range hood in your backyard keeps your guests happy due to the good air quality. If your outdoor living space is a place where you usually enjoy delicious food and socialize with friends and family, then you have to make sure that the environment is clean and healthy for everyone. This is a crucial thing to do, especially if some of your guests have breathing and lung complications. Smoke can build up quit fast in a small space, and it is thus important to have a range hood to keep the air quality clean.

  • You Are Looking to Remodel Your Outdoor Kitchen

If you are planning on building a new kitchen in your outdoor living space or remodeling the existing one, then installing a range hood can be an amazing idea. A range hood not only looks beautiful but also keeps your outdoor living space smoke-free. One thing to note, however, is that a range hood is ideal for a larger kitchen. This is because large space allows you to have more room for carpets, counters, and furniture that will complement your range hood’s look. Additionally, space means that the range hood is positioned at a place where it is not interfering with your guests. If you are unsure whether a range hood is ideal for your outdoor kitchen, consider reaching out to a professional for assistance.

  • Your Outdoor Kitchen Area is Always Smoky

If your outdoor kitchen area is always smoky and greasy, investing in an outdoor range hood can go a long way in eliminating this problem for you. Without a range hood, the oil and grease will accumulate on your cooking area, appliances, ceiling, and other areas in your patio. This will cause the area to become dirty over time, leading to a bad experience for everyone using it. It thus makes sense to install an outdoor range hood to eliminate this problem.

If you usually do a lot of cooking in your outdoor kitchen, chances are that you are going to benefit from an outdoor range hood. The reasoning behind this is that an outdoor kitchen, just like a normal kitchen, does produce a lot of smoke, heat, and grease, which can be quite irritating to anyone around the cooking area. Furthermore, if these elements are left to accumulate, they make your outdoor kitchen area dirty and this can ruin the entire experience. It can therefore be concluded that an outdoor range hood is critical for use in an outdoor kitchen. If you are still wondering of its efficiency, consider reaching out to an expert for advice.