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What are the Pros and Cons of a Galley Kitchen?

A galley kitchen is any kitchen that’s designed with a layout consisting of 2 parallel runs of cabinets and appliances that are facing each other. This layout was originally designed to maximize the safety and efficiency of the small kitchen. The galley kitchen works better in smaller spaces. Some feel that it is a great layout you can have for small spaces, but that all depends on how well you use space.

There are many pros cons, do’s, and don’ts when it comes to galley kitchens. Plenty of the design decisions that you make are the result of the give and take nature of the galley kitchen. If you’re designing a kitchen for a new house and you’re remodeling and you have the option to move walls, you need to ask yourself how much space you need between the 2 sides of the kitchen. One of the important advantages of the galley kitchen is the fact, you are not far from major appliances.

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If you put too much space between the kitchen’s 2 sides, you’ll lose the previously mentioned advantage and the kitchen can even lose safety and efficiency. When it comes to the custom-house, each room needs to be built to suit your requirements, tastes, lifestyle. The kitchen is one of the busy rooms in the house and its design should make it simple for you to use on an everyday basis. There are endless kitchen designs and layouts to choose from, so you are bound to find the right one for you. One kind of kitchen layout is the galley kitchen.

What is a Galley Kitchen?

A galley kitchen is also known as a parallel kitchen or a corridor kitchen has a layout that contains 2 parallel walls with a walkway between them. The galley kitchen layout is narrow and it will have the cleaning fixtures on one wall while the cooking appliances on the other wall. In a custom layout, you can select where everything goes as what recognizes a galley kitchen is that it has a walkway between 2 parallel walls with an entrance on either end.

Which Spaces Are Best Served by Galley Kitchens?

Galley kitchens are the best choice for small homes for clear, space-saving reasons. You will find, they are common in apartments, which contain small footprints, and in older houses, where kitchens are tucked away and not used as a social space. But it can be fun to see a galley-style kitchen in a large home, as well. They can make a sleek and organized feel to an open concept space. If you are incorporating a galley kitchen into an open floor plan, forget about the corridor concept utilize an island to make one of the parallel units that define a galley kitchen. Because you require 2 parallel sides does not mean they should be identical.

Here are some pros cons of galley kitchens to help you decide if this kitchen layout is right for you:

Pros of Galley Kitchens

Everything has its pros or cons. There are a lot of pros of galley kitchen that it offers and these pros make galley kitchen best for someone who wants to have a small kitchen. Here are some pros of galley kitchens:

Galley Kitchens Focus on Efficiency and Function

The setup or layout of a galley kitchen is specially built to be functional and effective. Everything that one will cook is on one side of the kitchen and is within reach. There is no should run all over the kitchen to prep a meal. The 2 entrances and middle walkway make a galley kitchen easily accessible from different points.

A Galley Kitchen is a Great Fit for smaller Spaces

Due to the standard galley kitchen layout, they’re the best fit for small spaces or for a person that does not need a big kitchen. And, because they’re long, therefore a galley kitchen has versatility and flexibility when it comes to placement in custom house design. They can be an open concept and a closed concept in design.

Galley Kitchens Offer a lot of Work Space

There are lots of workspaces that are available in a galley kitchen. Somebody using the kitchen can easily move from one work center to another as they will need. At the same time, two people can work in the kitchen because there are 2 walls of countertop that are available for you.

Cons of Galley Kitchens

There are lots of pros to galley kitchens, but there are few cons to consider as well. Here are some cons of galley kitchens:

Galley Kitchens Tend to be Narrow

The fact that galley kitchens tend to be narrow and the best fit for small spaces is both a pro and a con. Because this kind of kitchen layout should be narrow, it can be tight on space. This can make it difficult to offer sufficient overall lighting in the space, particularly if it is built with a closed concept design. This means that, though there are 2 counters, the counter space is limited with a galley kitchen.

A Galley Kitchen is Difficult for Multiple People

2 people can use the galley kitchen well as long as they’re doing tasks on either side of the kitchen. However, the narrow space does make it difficult if there will be many people in the kitchen at the same time. This can make the galley kitchen layout a less useful layout for families or somebody who frequently has guests in their homes.

Galley Kitchens Provide Limited Storage

If you want to have sufficient kitchen storage, you can’t be capable of finding it with a galley kitchen. Though there are cabinets, drawers, and more, and there are 2 walls available for storage but still you’ll be limited in storage space. You can get creative with kitchen storage and keep everything organized to make it work, but if you want to expand the kitchen and want to add more storage to the kitchen, you cannot do so.