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The Best Kitchen Trends for 2022

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Throughout the pandemic, many of us discovered a whole new level of appreciation for our kitchens—it’s where we baked all kinds of bread, worked from home, cooked meals when we couldn’t go out watched too much television, aimlessly scrolled through our phones, etc. As we approach the new year, we’ve certainly realized the importance of having a kitchen that’s multi-faceted. Range Craft scoured the web to find the best kitchen trends for 2022.

Minimalist style

Blending functionality with minimalistic style is all kitchen will be about in 2022. What we mean by that is mixing clean lines, cabinets with no handles, and clean colors. Removing unnecessary details such as cabinet handles leaves enough room to create a visually impeccable space in your kitchen. Hidden drawers will be another useful feature as they will not disturb the smooth lines of the design.

Achieving visually appealing aesthetics in the kitchen by integrating appliances into the cabinets is another characteristic of minimalism.

new kitchen trends 2022

Why show off your refrigerator when you can have it built into your cabinetry and make it fit in seamlessly into the rest of the design. The same goes for microwaves and dishwashers. By switching to push-to-open mechanisms, you can give kitchen interiors a clean, contemporary look that you’ve always strived towards.

Mix and Match Metals

Gone are the days where all cabinet hardware, sink faucet, and lighting are all the same matching stainless steel! Now it’s all about mixing metals for a collected, unique look.

Homeowners are turning away from stainless steel kitchens, looking to make a cozier, more interesting space by mixing different materials on appliances, sinks, faucets, lighting fixtures and cabinet hardware. Gold continues to be trendy and we see it in many different shades and finishes. Copper is also a metal that’s growing in popularity and continues as we look at 2022.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends

Two-tone kitchens are quite popular where the upper cabinets are painted or stained a different color than the lower cabinets. This is a fun way to mix in color without it feeling overbearing. Another trend is painting the island an accent color that contrasts with the perimeter cabinetry. This breaks it up so your kitchen doesn’t feel like it has too much of the same thing.

We are seeing a lot of white oak cabinets and natural looking wood-stained cabinets in 2021 and it continues as we look at 2022 trends. There’s definitely a movement towards more earthy, cozy, natural in the kitchen and not the super modern stark white kitchens, but it’s far from the golden oak cabinet era that feels out of style.

Kitchen Tile Trends

There are hundreds of backsplash tile options out there, it can feel very daunting to choose. One trend we’re seeing is glazed tiles. These are tiles that have a shiny finish and reflect light around the room.

We are seeing a shift away from matte tile towards tile with a glossy, glazed look. Bold color is always a fun look if you’re into color, otherwise white or a neutral is always a winning look that will never go out of style.

Handmade tiles are another beautiful trend as we move into 2022 soon. These tiles have irregularities in shape and size, making them interesting and adding a touch of charm. They really make a kitchen feel cozy and collected rather than stark and modern.

Ornamental Vent Hoods

Vent hoods have been the focal point in kitchens for many years now – minimal hoods just aren’t being seen as much. But in 2021, expect to see large, in charge, “look at me” vent hoods designs!

This is a design moment of custom range hoods you don’t want to miss out on! Your hood could stretch the length of your whole countertop! It doesn’t necessarily have to be large to fall in line with the trend – your vent hood might be smaller, but with a unique eye-catching design.

Be careful though – if you have visually heavy pendant lights in the kitchen, scale back on the hood design. Too many eye-catching designs won’t allow your eyes to rest. No place to rest = chaotic.

Be On Trend

Now that the ideas are flowing, reach out to Range Craft to schedule a consultation and get ahead of the 2022 trends. Is this the year you finally give yourself the ultimate gift of a dream kitchen? Let yourself imagine what’s possible. Our team can make it happen.