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Introduction to RangeCraft! Jewelry for the Kitchen

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Intro to RangeCraft – Jewelry for the Kitchen!
A custom kitchen range hood is the finishing touch to any beautiful kitchen and should be unique and memorable. At RangeCraft, we call it “Jewelry For The Kitchen”!

We design and manufacture luxury kitchen range hoods and artisan metalwork for both home and commercial needs. We only build to the highest industry standards and use the most advanced design and production software that can turn almost any vision into reality. Each hood is proudly made to order in the USA. We are known for our seamless welding which helps eliminate gaps and seams, and incorporates crisp clean lines without any rough edges. Our craftsmanship is what separates us from the rest. However, our range hoods go beyond looks and appearance.

The beauty of our range hoods is only rivaled by their quality and durability. Our kitchen hoods will upgrade the decor of your kitchen while adding a tremendous layer of functionality, durability and efficiency. All of our hoods will remove unwanted smoke and vapors quickly and quietly. Should there ever be an issue, our customer service will resolve it fast and to your satisfaction. RangeCraft has been family owned and operated since 1972 and is one of the leaders of custom range kitchen hoods in the world. Our custom hoods come in an array of colors and metal types including: * Copper * Brass * Stainless steel * Powder coated * Blackened steel * All customized to your desires and specifications.

Let’s get creative as the possibilities and options are almost endless! Our range hoods are available in over 25 product designs in a variety of shapes and sizes. Decorative bands, rivets, buttons and pot rails are options that can customize the range hood even more! RangeCraft also offers cabinet inserts for wood hoods for kitchen ventilation specially designed ventilation units that fit inside an existing custom made wood cabinet.

Your kitchen deserves the best! Let’s discuss your project today!