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Creative Ways to Disguise Your Range Hood

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Range hoods are considered a significant investment because of their functionality and aesthetic appeal in a kitchen space. Not only does a range hood promote good air circulation, it also presents itself as an elegant showpiece in your kitchen. However, not all stock range hoods can blend in with your kitchen décor without spicing them up a little. You want your range hood to offer better performance in terms of functionality while making it a statement piece in your kitchen décor. This article looks at some creative ways you can disguise your range hood.

  • Add Glossy Paint

Glossy paint is a wonderful idea for those who want to keep everything simple and clean. The key to disguising a range hood with glossy paint is to maintain the entire space with one or two colors. Whether you choose an edgy shade such as gray, navy, and black or go with a minimalist shade of beige or white, consider adding a glossy finish to elevate the color and give it a modern touch. Staining or pairing these hues with matte finishes allows the glossy paint to make its own statement since your kitchen range hood will be disguised behind the classic display of colors.

hidden range hood in the kitchen
  • Use Subway Tiles

Masking your range hood tiles is one of the best ways to blend classic style with contemporary kitchen items. It gives a sleek contrast and creates a beautiful open space display that makes your cooking area feel rounded. There are endless possibilities of using tiles to disguise your range hood as you can always tweak things up a little. Using tiles can give your vent hood a fun and simple elegance that creates a beautiful statement in your kitchen.

  • Build It In

Built-in range hoods work great for both traditional and contemporary homes. It gives a little extra charm and character to your hood as it is integrated within the entire décor. A built-in range hood helps to vent out cooking odors and combustion gases while complimenting the surrounding wall cabinetry at the same time. It is built inside a range hood insert to provide ventilation that controls smoke, airborne grease, and odors from cooking.

  • Work the Stainless Steel

If you like the appeal of stainless steel, maintaining the same look throughout your entire décor can make it easier to disguise your range hood. Stainless steel has always been a classic choice for many homeowners because it is simple and classy. Not only is it gorgeous but also easy to clean and maintain all-year-round. A stainless-steel range hood can blend in perfectly with stainless appliances and other accessories in the kitchen.

  • Mosaic Magical Tile Backsplash

You can add a unique touch to your range hood without using color by installing a mosaic magical tile backsplash. Doing this is one of the best ways you can add texture to your kitchen without overfilling the space with color. Regardless of the colors you choose, the mosaic bits should be installed to make a statement on their own. You can achieve a beautiful seamless contrast by pairing your backsplash tiles with darker hues for your hood and cabinetry.

  • Add Luxury and Elegance

If your budget allows, you can always go the extra mile to create a luxurious and elegant design. Nothing is appealing and more welcoming than a kitchen that screams luxury. The idea is to disguise your hood with a consistent color that seems to pop out in your kitchen décor such as the cabinetry, furniture, and backsplash. This makes your range hood feel more upscale even if it is blended with the rest of the décor. This kind of disguise works best for an open floor plan kitchen.

  • Consider a Slide-Out Range Hood

Retractable or slide out range hoods have a compact and sleek appearance that is almost invisible when not in use. Some of the features to look out for when choosing a retractable range hood include multiple extraction speeds, twin fans, dishwasher safe mesh filters, and halogen lights. It is a great way to show off your personality and often stays hidden until it is time to cook.

Disguising your kitchen range hood helps focus the attention on other design elements in your kitchen rather than the appliance itself. It is ideal for a small kitchen that appears visually cluttered when most of the appliances are out in the open. A disguised range hood can work in kitchen style and helps to maintain clean lines to give a continuous flow of upper cabinets and the entire décor in general.