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How To Clean A Greasy Range Hood

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Dirty gas oven window covered with burnt grease and fat

The kitchen is a temple for homemakers where they cook and spend most of their time. Though they try to keep it clean for healthy cooking and baking, some important appliances are often left uncleaned.

Yes, as the title says, we are talking about the range hood, which is mostly found greasy and dirty.

Let’s read about range hoods and how you can clean yours with some simple steps.

The Range Hood Is An Underrated Appliance

A range hood is an appliance that is underestimated, as it is seldomly taken care of. Due to the negligence in cleaning this important kitchen fan, you may receive some not-so-praising looks from the guests who are there on a surprise visit. 

Basically, the oven hood is used to extract all the emitting smoke from the kitchenette. It works as an exhaust fan and drastically improves your air quality.

If it remains uncleaned, this can create smoke blockage due to the greasy stainless steel filters. The greasy range hood can also cause a smelly environment in your cooking area.

Is your range hood greasy? Don’t worry! Check these handy tips to make your oven hood look brand-new.

How To Clean A Greasy Range Hood

1. Eliminate The Dry Layers Of Dust

Start your ‘range hood cleanliness’ task with dusting.

For this, get a dust brush cleaner and eliminate all the dry, dusty particles from the surface. The best cleaning brushes reach the delicate and narrow places, corners, and outer edges of the Range Hood, for efficient cleaning.

Pro-Tip: Before dusting the cooking hood’s inner and outer roof, place a cloth on the stove so the dirt and debris don’t fall inside.

2. Wipe The Outside Of Range Hood

You might have heard a proverb, “the first impression is the last impression,” which is true even when we are talking about your home.

The first look always captures the outer appearance. So, if your cooking hood is muddy and dirty from the outside, how can you satisfy yourself with only its functionality?

So, wiping out the outside of the oven hood is important.

For this:

  • Mix soap with the warm water to make a foamy liquid.
  • Rub the surfaces with the scrubbing brush and soap
  • For a more polished look, wipe out the remaining dirt particles with the help of a kitchen towel.

Pro-Tip: You can also use a vinegar solution if there are tough, sticky, and greasy particles. Just spray it over the place and clean the outer side of the exhaust hood.

Rub The Stains Away That Reside Under The Hood

Cleaning the stains and marks from inside is, undoubtedly, a careful act while dealing with the kitchen hood. The filters can be sharp, not to mention when you wipe out the inside, you’re pretty close to its electrical components.

Thankfully, your filters can be taken out with ease.

  • For this, first, wear gloves to protect your hands from chemicals.
  • Mix the baking soda with water and also keep the degreasing soap near you. 
  • Just soak the scrub brush in the liquidized soap and scuff the inner area effortlessly.
  • Remove the filter for a deeper clean.

Pro-Tip: Baking soda neutralizes the acidic compounds and breaks the grease stuck on the place. That’s why, for better results: apply its paste to the concerned areas, leave it for half an hour, and as an outcome, enjoy a crystal shine on your range hood

4. Detach The Filter From Range Hood & Clean It

Many people don’t remove hood filters before scouring. But, we recommend detaching it before cleaning the inner side of the range hood.

However, if your exhaust hood doesn’t need deep cleaning, then it’s okay to take out the filter after cleaning the interior.

Speaking of the filters, they absolutely need to be cleaned so the polluted air can vent outside your home efficiently.

Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Wipe off the large debris stuck in your filter with a towel or scrubby sponge.
  • Then, soak it in the water-filled sink or tub for around 15-20 minutes.
  • Rub the range hood filter gently with the help of a scrub brush by soaking it in a mixture of water and 1/4th baking soda.
  • Rinse the hood off again with warm water and let it dry for some time.
  • Then, spray a vinegar solution on the filter and clean it with a towel or microfiber cloth.

Sometimes, your filter will need to be washed multiple times. But you can simply repeat this process. Even if your filters don’t come out squeaky clean, removing most of the large debris and tough grease will make cleaning easier down the road.