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7 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Range Hood

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A range hood is an important kitchen addition because it helps collect grease, smoke, and odor that emanate from cooking. Through this, a range hood eliminates air pollution in the kitchen and keeps it looking clean. Without a range hood, you and your loved ones stand a chance of exposure to certain elements like smoke, which could chaff your throat. Furthermore, a range hood helps prevent oily smoke from sticking to your kitchen fixtures, appliance, walls, and ceiling.

Since having a range hood is of utmost importance, you might be considering installing one in your kitchen. When making this decision, you will realize that you have many options to choose from. You might not know the best range hood for your kitchen. This article is going to help you out by explaining seven main things you have to consider when choosing a range hood.

The Type of Range Hood

Range hoods come in different types but the main ones are ductless and vented. Ductless hoods come with circulation fans, which help suck smoke, filter the air, and direct clean air into the kitchen. On the other hand, vented hoods suck the air and direct it outside. When it comes to design, ductless hoods are slim and lightweight while vented ones are huge and bulky because they carry a lot of ductwork in them. However, vented hoods are more powerful and efficient than ductless range hoods.

Your Kitchen Layout

The layout of your kitchen helps determine the amount of space you have to install a range hood. Range hoods are installed right above the cooktop. So, you have to see whether you have enough space above this area. You can also have your hood mounted on a wall, suspended from the ceiling, or incorporated into your cabinet. You have to evaluate the type of hood you want and the way it will fit in your existing kitchen space.


Although range hoods mainly have a practical benefit, they do form a central element of your kitchen due to their obstructive structure. You thus want to choose a range hood with the right finish, style, and design. Luckily, the market has a wide array of options to choose from including ceiling hoods, wall-mounted hoods, and island vent hoods. You have the authority to select your desired hood look based on your preference.


Another thing you have to consider is the strength of your desired range hood. Knowing the range hood energy enables you to evaluate the amount of air it can extract in a given period. The type of range hood you decide to go with will depend on your activity level in the kitchen.


Range hoods are of different kinds, and thus have distinct prices set on them. A basic range hood costs about $100 before installation costs. On the other hand, a complex hood can cost thousands prior to installation. A large hood often costs more than a small one. With this fact in mind, you have to look at your personal budget and the kind of hood you want to have.


You might select a powerful hood but it ends up emitting too much noise that could be unbearable. Such a range hood is not worth it, especially if you love a calm environment. Noise is therefore an important factor to consider when choosing a range hood for your kitchen. Experts suggest that you choose a range hood that works by drawing air towards the edges instead of moving it around a large area. Such a hood is not only efficient but also emits very little noise.

Ease of Installation

Most hoods, especially the ducted ones, require a complex installation process. You might thus need to hire a professional to help you out. At the same time, basic ductless hoods are quite easy to install, and you can do everything by yourself.

When constructing a house from scratch or remodeling an existing one, one important area to consider is the kitchen. As you build the kitchen, you want to have a range hood, which is an appliance that helps deal with air pollution caused by smoke and particles released when cooking. When choosing a range hood, you want to go for one that fits your tastes and preferences and meets the aforementioned factors. By paying attention to the considerations, you will have a range hood that is perfect for your specific kitchen.