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Do You Really need a Range Hood?

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A range hood is simply a fan enclosed in a canopy, fixed directly above your stove, with a view to remove excess harmful gases emitted from the cooking. If you are out there and are feeling overwhelmed by bad odors or soot coming from your cooking stove then you should consider installing a range hood. This article looks at the main reasons why you need to install a range hood in your home.

  • Improved Air Circulation

The fans fitted in range hoods serve the main purpose of sucking in the excess harmful gases from the cooking area. With a press of a button, the harmful gases produced from cooking are sucked in and transferred outside the house. These dangerous gases have serious effects on your health. Why risk your health while you can install a range without breaking the bank? In addition, the residual odors from the previous cooking are also removed from the kitchen area, odors that would otherwise discourage you from trying out your favorite recipes.

  • Additional Lighting

Sometimes cooking can be hectic if you do not have enough or proper kind of lighting in the kitchen area. Sometimes you are not even able too clearly see what you are cooking in your pot because your shadow is cast overhead the stove. A number of range hoods come with lights on the bottom side cast directly above your stove. These add to the lighting in your kitchen, allowing you to clearly see the food you are cooking. It also adds to the general lighting of your kitchen area, hence no need to add some extra lighting. This will save you considerable amounts of money with the utility bills.

  • Improved Living

With excess heat and harmful gases removed, the kitchen becomes a dear place to the family. It is more comfortable and you will even want to stick around the kitchen table, sip on some wine and chat as you do your cooking. Without a range hood, the kitchen is uncomfortable because of the excess heat and bad odors.

  • Cleaner Kitchen

The harmful smelling gases do not just become a hazard to your health, they also form soot on your cooking stove, kitchen walls and cooking pots. The soot is very hectic when it comes to cleaning. Sometimes you are required to repaint your walls from time to time. The range hoods, while sucking in the extra heat, also suck in these excessive gases, leaving little chances of soot forming up. This also means that the dishes will become much easier to clean.

  • Extra Value for Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home, having a range hood will add value and make it stand out from the other properties available for sale. It will give your home an extra competitive value, making a potential buyer choose yours as their dream home. It is also likely that they will buy at your stated selling price.

  • Removes Excess Heat

Heat emitted from cooking can sometimes become very uncomfortable. If you do not have enough ventilation or air condition, this could even kill you because with the heat, also comes harmful carbon dioxide. The range hoods are fitted with fans and blowers that suck up the excess heat. This gives an advantage over those that do not have range hoods since it saves you money with utility bills because you will use the air conditioner less frequently or even not use it at all.

  • Revamped Style

The kitchen range hood comes in designs that really give your kitchen that perfect look and feel. It does not look like just a normal kitchen, and this makes it even fun to stick around and even motivates you to try your favorite recipes in style and comfort that you have never had before.

A range hood is a very crucial home addition that you want to consider. It helps improve your home’s air condition, adds additional lighting, and eliminates excess heat from your kitchen. In simple terms, a range hood can make your life a lot easier. Having a range hood fixed the wrong way can be very disappointing. To avoid this, do not try to do it yourself. It is very complicated to fix one, properly. Have a contractor do it for you. The benefit of having a contractor do the job is that you will enjoy warranty and discounts. They will also advice you on the range hood designs available in the market and which works best for your needs.