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How to Take Care of a Custom Range Hood

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Cleaning your kitchen is paramount if you want to achieve pristine conditions in your meal preparation area. However, you may do the floors and surfaces like cabinets and countertops but end up forgetting one of the most important pieces of equipment – the range hood. This should not be the case because it not only looks great when clean but also works more efficiently when well maintained, saving you some extra energy bills that you would have probably incurred. Since we have established the importance of maintaining a custom range hood, this article delves deep into how you can make this a possibility.

Cleaning the Exterior

Cleaning it is quite easy and with a little effort and time, you should be able to do an immaculate job. To go about this, just turn off the unit and ensure the stovetop is not hot or turned on. Afterward, get a cleaning solution and a piece of cloth and start the cleaning. When going about this, be sure not to splash water or cleaning solution on electrical components like the lightbulb.

Best way to keep your custom range hood clean

When cleaning, it is good to mention that range hoods come in different materials and finishes. Therefore, you have to pay attention to this point, as these units should not be handled equally. Example finishes include waxed, painted, oiled, and polished. All these need a different kind of care. For instance, polished finishes require you to regain the shine and luster that came with the unit, which can be quite tasking. Painted finishes on the other hand do not need a lot of work.

Special Areas of Focus

When doing maintenance, especially during cleaning, you need to pay attention to some important components of this equipment. This part of the article looks at exactly how to go about this.

Air Filter

This element is the most important as it is tasked with eliminating lingering particles and smoke from your kitchen that may have been produced during meal preparation. Due to the work it does, this piece needs to be kept clean at all times so it does not return bad effluents into the house or become unable to draw out the bad elements away from the kitchen.

Cleaning it is quite easy because all you need to do is remove and then place it in a container filled with degreasing solution. This will help remove all grease that had attached to it. Afterward, wash the filter using soapy water to remove any dirt and debris that could have been left on it. Once you are done with this, be sure to let it dry completely prior to reattaching it.

Fan Blades

It is not just the air filter that can be affected because fan blades can also have a buildup of dirt, debris, and grease. In such a scenario, the motor will have to work harder, affecting performance and potentially causing an increase in energy bills. You should therefore consider cleaning these blades on an occasional basis to reduce the occurrence of such issues.

Similar to cleaning the air filter, the first step in fan blade cleaning is to ensure the unit and stovetop are turned off. Afterward, use a cleaning solution or soapy water and a microfiber piece of cloth to wipe. When done with this, rinse them properly and ensure no soap is left behind. You should also ensure the fan blades are dry before using.


This component is tasked with ensuring proper airflow in the system. It may end up being clogged because of grease buildup. When this happens, performance will be affected. To reduce such an occurrence, you want to remove the great buildup using a degreaser. Doing this will help promote better operation.

The key to achieving a custom range hood that is always in optimal and efficient operation is maintenance. Apart from cleaning the exterior, this unit contains other crucial components such as air filters, vents, motors, and fans that definitely require special attention. They have to be carefully cleaned on a frequent basis to help ensure they perform well at all times. Lucky for you, doing this is simple because all you need is some free time, a cleaning solution, and a little effort. However, for some reason, you may not be in a position to do this task by yourself. This is the reason why you may want to schedule a maintenance routine with experts. They have the tools and experience needed to do this job and even spot any issues early on.