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Is a Custom Copper Sink Right For My Kitchen?

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When looking for a perfect copper kitchen sink for your home, it’s important to keep a few factors in mind as you determine your needs. Depending on your selection, the functionality of your new sink can provide a smooth kitchen experience, or add more stress to your daily activities if the sink is chosen incorrectly. Here are a few questions to guide you through your decision-making process:

How busy is your kitchen on a day-to-day basis?

Do you do dishes mostly by hand, or do you heavily rely on the dishwasher?

Do you ever soak dishes before cleaning them by hand?

What’s the size of your countertops and the dishwashing area?

Are you having your kitchen cabinets custom-built, or are you installing your sink into already existing cabinets?

Depending on your dishwashing habits and the available countertop space, your ideal kitchen situation may include a copper sink with a single, double, or even triple well split. At RangeCraft, we can customize a variety of sinks for kitchens of any size. Over the years, we have guided thousands of people toward finding the optimal copper kitchen sink for any situation.

Single Well Copper Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink with a single well is ideal for smaller spaces or for kitchens that don’t usually experience a lot of traffic. This is also a good option if you’re looking to open up more counter space for other uses. A single well copper sink will be suitable even in a larger kitchen, especially when combined with an additional bar or prep sink for added functionality. 

Double-Well Copper Kitchen Sink

The most versatile design for a kitchen sink, the double-well model is useful for a variety of kitchen situations (Medium Double Well Copper Sink with 60/40 well split with under-mount installation). Whether you cook only occasionally or love entertaining large parties at your home, a copper sink with a double-well split can accommodate all of your needs. Soak dirty dishes in one well while rinsing them off in the other; attach a garbage disposer to one of the wells for easy cleanup – the versatility of the double-well sinks makes dishwashing a breeze. We offer copper sinks with 50/50 or 60/40 well splits, and we can custom for any size! Custom orders for sinks with 40/60, 70/30 well splits, etc., are also welcome.

Triple Well Copper Kitchen Sink

As the name implies, triple sinks have three bowls, and so they are often called triple bowl sinks or three bowl sinks. The way the sink bowls are configured varies, but the most common design includes:

  • Two medium-sized bowls on either side with a smaller bowl in the middle
  • A shallower middle bowl that is connected to the garbage disposal and can be used for handwashing too
  • The middle bowl has less depth front to back than the side bowls, with the faucet located directly behind it
  • Accessory holes on either side of the faucet, typically with two to the right and one to the left
  • A dishrack to fit one of the side bowls
  • While these are the most common features, they are not universal. Triple sink design is quite diverse.

Triple sinks are the right choice for those who like to make quick work of kitchen duties by multitasking such chores as fruit and vegetable washing, food preparation, dishwashing, air-drying dishes, clearing the table, and sending scraps to the garbage disposal. Custom split arrangements can be built upon request.

Standard or Farmhouse Front?

When selecting your kitchen sink, another important point to keep in mind is whether you’d like to reveal its front (farmhouse installation) or keep the front of the sink hidden inside of your cabinets (standard installation). While standard kitchen sinks are perfectly functional and attractive, farmhouse copper sinks offer a dramatic look thanks to their exposed apron. At RangeCraft, we can customize a variety of copper farmhouse sinks with gorgeous hand-hammered designs on their aprons. 

New Jersey’s Custom Copper Sink Installer

Keep in mind that when installing a copper farmhouse sink into already existing cabinetry, it’s best to consult us on the exact proportions of your cabinets to make sure your sink fits correctly. If you’re having brand-new cabinets installed, a good rule is to have the sink ready before the cabinets are built.

Whichever configuration you select for your copper kitchen sink, at RangeCraft we customize a variety of sinks with single, double, and triple well splits, in standard and farmhouse configurations. Have something unique in mind? Email us or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding that perfect copper sink for your kitchen!