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Does A Convection Oven Require A Range Hood?

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It is a great addition to any kitchen to have a convection oven. The use of these devices makes it possible to warm up food or use an oven without having to wait a long time for it to preheat before you can use it you might be wondering: does a convection oven require a range hood?

A convection oven does not require a range hood to be installed in a residential home. We do, however, recommend that you purchase a professional range hood if you are planning to use a convection oven in your home. By doing this, you will be able to improve the quality of your indoor air and eliminate strong cooking odors from your kitchen.

Furthermore, if you have a toaster oven with convection, then there is a good chance that you also use a standard oven. It means that there will be more smoke, grease, and cooking odors to be disposed of.

Image of a modern electric oven.
The Inside of a Modern Electric Oven

You’ll definitely need a range hood if you have multiple ovens. As a result, smoke, grease, and contaminants will linger in your kitchen for a long time. As a rule of thumb, in most commercial settings, convection ovens that produce steam or heat require a vent hood to be installed. To ensure you are following your state’s regulations, talk to local officials or a professional HVAC contractor.

Here are some best practices for using your convection oven.

Don’t Leave Your Convection Oven On

Convection ovens do not produce a lot of smoke during cooking. Nevertheless, if it is accidentally left on, smoke will escape and fill your kitchen if it is accidentally left on.

Make sure that once you have finished cooking in the kitchen that you turn off the stove.

If you leave your convection oven on, a range hood will help clear all the smoke out.

Convection ovens can be just as hard to turn off as standard ovens.

The good news is that most convection ovens come with a timer. The only thing you need to make sure is that you set it correctly! In case you miss the first timer, it might be helpful if you set a few more in case you miss the second one as well.

Clean Your Convection Oven Regularly

Your convection oven produces extra smoke when burned-on food is present, so you should make sure to clean it properly.

To keep the smoke at bay, make sure to clean your convection oven every four to eight weeks. If you use the oven often, clean it every four weeks. If not, once every two months should be great.

In terms of cleaning your convection oven, a range hood offers you a safety net when it comes to doing it. In case you haven’t had a chance to clean your convection oven yet, it will vent out that extra smoke if you haven’t done so yet. The best part? It keeps your smoke alarm from going off – doesn’t that sound nice?

Keep Food Away From Heating Elements

An electric heating element is used inside convection ovens to make the air inside the oven warm up. You may find yours on the sides, the top, the bottom, or a combination of these on the basis of the model you own.

Food that gets too close to the heating element can produce extra smoke or even cause a fire if it gets too close to it. As a result, make sure that the racks in your convection oven are positioned in the middle. The food can also be placed in the middle of the oven if it has side heating elements.