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Hi-Riser Deluxe – Hi-Riser Trim Line

Rangecraft specializes in high quality, custom designed hoods but also offers a variety of classical designs for you to choose from. Most models are available in wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted versions.

The straight lines of our Trimline Range Hoods offer conventional looks with modern kitchen ventilation technology.


Hi-Riser Deluxe
Hi-Riser Deluxe Ceiling Mount
Hi-Riser Trimline
Hi-Riser Trimline Ceiling Mount

Hi-Riser Deluxe

Don’t let the simplistic straight lines of our Hi-Riser Range Hoods fool you! This line is designed for visual appeal and functionality to enhance the look of your room while efficiently handling your kitchen ventilation needs. This is the Hi-Riser Deluxe line of innovative Rangecraft range hoods.

This original Hi-Riser Range Hood is available in Copper, Brass or Stainless Steel or a combination of these materials in Mirror or Antique finishes. Features straight sides or curvette styling and rounded or square corners. Available with our super quiet internal fan or can be used with a remote fan. “MICRO” baffle filters and halogen lights are standard.