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Copper Hoods

A RangeCraft copper hood is an excellent range hood choice as copper is naturally anti-bacterial and RangeCraft coats the copper in a protective lacquer, making for a healthier environment.

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One of RangeCraft’s biggest “Stars of the KBIS Show” was our Submarine Hood. People were amazed at the Craftsmanship of this hood that was hand formed with “Old World Coppersmith Techniques” displaying standing seams, riveted panels with a beautifully antiqued hammered copper finish. This hood is an example of Craftsmanship that only a handful of companies in the US can achieve.

All special antiqued finishes are hand finished in house. Using a proprietary antiquing process, seldom found in the industry. This is true antique applied to authentic raw materials. You will receive a unique hand finish – no two are the same.

Copper Range Hoods